7 Tips To Fix If Youtube not working on iPhone

December 10, 2021 By Sahil Dhyani 0
fix youtube not working

Many iPhone users have complained about their Youtube not working. They face the problem after ios latest update. They face many types of problems while using youtube and they also update the app but nothing can’t happen. This is not an in-built problem. It shows some kinds of reasons we can talk about in detail. The common problems everyone faces are sometimes a black screen while opening the app, app not opening, video not playing, or many other types of problems. If your youtube app is also not working then read our full content and see what kind of problem you are facing and try to fix it.

Why is Youtube not working on the iPhone?

The common reason for youtube not working on your iPhone is the latest software update, cache problem, network problem, or glitch problem. If even after this is not fixed then there is some other problem and its chances are 0.1% because mostly this problem comes which we have been told to fix.

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The solution to fix Youtube not working on iPhone

Solution 1:- Restart your iPhone

Generally, this solution everybody knows. Restart your iPhone and check if the problem is fixed or not. Because when we open as many tabs as the recent app then the device starts lagging by which we can’t use other apps.

Youtube not working

For iPhone 6 or previous models

Hold the power button and a slider appears swipe to right for power OFF your iPhone. For power ON do the same process.

For iPhone 6 or upper models

Hold the power button with any volume button and a slider appears swipe to right for power OFF your iPhone. For power ON do the same process.

Check if the problem is fixed or not.

Solution 2:- Clear the Cache

Sometimes when you surf on the web or visit any site then the website saves cookies on your browser. Cookies are the same as cache. A load of many apps on your iPhone is also a reason for the youtube problem. Having a lot of apps may store cache on the device and some apps are starting to show problems. Clear your youtube app cache ( Clear the data also if required ) and check if the problem is fixed or not. Maybe your youtube not working issue will be solved.

Solution 3:- Turning Wifi & Bluetooth ON/OFF

This solution is only for those who are using youtube on their iPhone browser like safari. While facing this issue turn your wifi or Bluetooth ON/OFF. Because sometimes wifi connection has an error and that’s why we face an error Youtube not working on iPhone. Turn off your Bluetooth every time it is not required to use.

iphone wifi or bluetooth

Solution 4:- Reset your iPhone network settings

If you are connected to a wifi network then I think you have already used solution number 3. Then you can move forward because the solution is for those who use youtube on their mobile network. You can do this on your iPhone setting. Many times this trick works when users face youtube not working issues. Follow the steps to reset your network setting:-

Settings > General Settings > Reset > Reset Network Setting >

Note:- This will reset your network setting, not your data. Feel free to use it.

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Solution 5:- Update your youtube app as well as your browser

After trying the upper 4 solutions still your Youtube app not working then the solution is to try to update your youtube app. While updating your youtube app the new version of the youtube app is installed on iPhone and the previous version minor bugs are gone. There is also a reason for your youtube app not working. Update your iPhone browser if you are using youtube on a browser like a safari. By updating your youtube app maybe your youtube not working issue will be fixed. Hope this will work if not then don’t take tension the last two solutions are left.

youtube on iphone

Solution 6:- Turning Airplane mode ON/OFF

The best solution is if you face any network issue or any issue related to the network then try turning ON/OFF your airplane mode. By Turning ON/OFF airplane mode your networks are restarted means if there is an issue of any kind of reason it will fix. There are quick or easy steps to fix network errors.

Shortcut Trick

  • Swipe down on the top right corner
  • Click on the airplane icon to enable airplane mode.
airplane mode on iphone

Setting Method

Setting > Airplane Mode > ON/OFF

airplane mode

Solution 7:- Uninstall the Youtube app and Reinstall it

If any solution is not working then try this one also hope it will work. By this process, you uninstall the app and install it with fresh storage. Through uninstalling their minor bugs are deleted and any error save files are also deleted on your iPhone. To uninstall the youtube app follow the steps below:-

  • Hold the Youtube app
  • Click on the minus icon
  • Click on remove the app
  • Download it again on the ios app store

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youtube delete


As per our research, Many users have a problem with their youtube not working issue. That’s why we come with this content for our visitors. We give a solution to our visitors if they are facing this type of issue then how they handle it. Sometimes youtube is not working because of several reasons but the major reasons are mentioned above through our team. In our opinion, if you are also facing this issue then first try solution number 2 because it’s worked many times.