Why is Facebook not working? 7 Ways to Fix Facebook not working problem.

Why is Facebook not working do you know? A few days ago my Facebook is also not working. I was unable to log in to my Facebook account. But I don’t know after clearing app preferences my Facebook is working. But after some time, again the same problem. Then finally I got some solutions and now my problem is solved do you know how? then be with us.

Facebook is the world’s largest social platform where people come and make new friends. More than half of the people have started considering it as their virtual home. It has become so popular all the time that in 2021 it had about 2 billion-plus active users. At present, every person has a Facebook account, whether he is a teenager or an adult and or a senior citizen. Everyone stays connected with their friends and groups through Facebook. Being active with so many users and loading so much on the server can also cause Facebook to not work sometimes.

There are some possible reasons that can cause problems like Facebook not working, so don’t worry we mention some facebook not working problems and as well as their solutions. If you are facing any issue or your Facebook and your question is the same as mine why is Facebook not working then read the below points to solve your query.

Here are some ways to fix Facebook not working problem:

Close and reopen your facebook app

Check the issue you are facing on your Facebook app, is it only on your Facebook account or someone else is also facing the same problem. If you are the only one facing that problem then check local possible issues. Sometimes this problem can be seen due to no longer opening properly, due to too many apps running in the background, and even minor glitches. Close your Facebook app and turn it ON again. If it is not fixed, then uninstall and reinstall your Facebook app then your problem will be fixed. Hope your query about why is Facebook not working is now solved.

Check for any app updates

Open your play store or any other store you use and check if your existing Facebook app is updated with the latest version or not. If not then update your app. Because of the latest app update that comes in it, bugs are fixed and due to which you are facing this problem, do you know it is due to this bug and after updating your app, your problem will be fixed.

Restart your device

As everyone would know, if you do not know, then listen when any problem comes in the phone and it is not fixed, then restarting the device once fixes all the problems. Restarting device solutions fix 90% of all tech problems. We also try restarting the method when we face any issues. Restart your device and check your Facebook not working problem is gone or not.

Clear cache of your facebook app

Clear cache is also a good idea to remove any saved cache. Generally, a cache is used for quick access. But sometimes deleting cache is also a good option to work your app properly. 

To delete your Facebook cache follow the steps below:

  • Open your device settings.
  • And go to Apps (In your case there may be something else in your phone, you can also find it by searching apps on your settings search bar).
  • Find facebook app in under see all apps (In my case I use facebook lite app).
  • Tap on storage & cache.
  • And then hit clear cache to clear your facebook cache.
  • And after tapping on it your cache is cleared.

Clear cache of your chrome browser

We mentioned below how you can clear the cache of your chrome browser but if you are an iOS user then we have already written how to clear cache on Safari. To clear the cache on your chrome browser here are the steps:

  • Open your chrome browser on your desktop.
  • Click the three dots in the top right side of the screen.
  • Click on settings and then security & privacy.
  • Click on the clearing browsing data.
  • And then tap on the clear data option to clear your browsing data or cache.
  • And the cache is cleared.

May be Facebook is down

If you have tried all the methods and still your Facebook is not working, it may be that the platform is under maintenance. Wait for some time if still the error is not fixed then send a mail on Facebook and tell your problem.

Other kinds of issue on Facebook

Facebook videos not playing

If Facebook video is not working then there can be only one reason for this and that is your device browser. It may happen that you are using Facebook from another browser and that browser does not support Facebook’s videos, then use a better and better browser like Chrome or Firefox. But if you are watching Facebook videos on your existing Facebook app then close and reopen your facebook if nothing can’t happen then restart your device.

Facebook photos not uploaded

Why is Facebook not working, I am unable to upload my photos. this is the biggest error on Facebook. As everyone knows, Facebook is a great place to share special moments of your life with others. If you also want to share those special moments with others, but you cannot do so because you are not able to share your photos on your Facebook then the reason is your Facebook is not working then there is a simple and easy solution.

First of all, check that you are using the latest version of the Facebook app or browser. If all this also does not work and still you are not able to upload the photo, then there is a problem in your photo itself, you should not put any edited photo and check it once by uploading the real photo. Please also check the format of your photo, although the most supported is png and jpeg.

Final Words

Try this method to fix your Facebook not working problem. And I hope now we will clear your doubt and solve your query about why is Facebook not working. If you use our method then the chances of Facebook not working is 90% solved. If your problem is solved then comment down yes my problem is fixed or another comment so that others will also trust this method. If you find another problem then you can report it to the Facebook team by facebook report corner.


Why can’t I upload a video on Facebook?

If you can’t upload a video on Facebook then the reason is maybe your video format is not supported. This means Facebook has allowed only MP4 and MOV files. Or the other reason the video you uploaded is longer than 240 min. The limit of maximum length to upload a video on Facebook is 240 min.

Why is Facebook not working on my phone or pc?

The reasons for Facebook not working on your device is:
You are using an old version of the Facebook app.
Your browser is not updated with the latest version.
Your internet connection is slow or not working.
Too many cache files on your Facebook app.
You will not give the required permission to your Facebook app.

Why is Facebook not working on mobile data?

Facebook is not working on mobile data because your internet connection is very low. Try to connect with wifi or your personal router.

Why Facebook crash on my device?

The major cause for facebook crashing is:
Your device storage is full.
For cache issues.
By your connection problem.
By using an old version of the Facebook app.

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