Know Everything About Facebook Touch – Download, Install, and Other Features!

Facebook has predominantly ruled the social media life of every human who has one, and this is primarily because Facebook literally transformed the way and set in the foundation for social media and the current rage it is. Though Facebook was not a pioneer and had predecessors like Yahoo Chat and Orkut, there is no denial that Facebook changed the social media game altogether. Today, there are many other social media portals like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to name a few, however, Facebook’s charm is unmatched. However, this blog is not a generic piece of knowledge about Facebook, but we are highlighting a salient feature – Facebook Touch.

Netizens use various Facebook applications and browsers to access login features, and probably you too must have done the same. However, have you ever tried Facebook Touch or used it by any chance? This blog revolves around this feature, and we will share every detail about this characteristic in this blog.

What is Facebook Touch?

As more and more devices started getting touchscreens, specifically talking about mobile phones and tablets, H5 Apps developed a smarter version of Facebook that is mobile-friendly and compatible with touchscreen devices, called Facebook Touch. This is not different from the existing Facebook applications, but is more sophisticated and has more features than its counterparts.

Two primary qualities of Facebook Touch are:

  • Better Graphics
  • Works excellent even on low-speed internet.

Thus, Facebook Touch is one of the highest-rated Facebook versions owing to the enhancements it has.

How to Install Facebook Touch on Your Android Device?

Suppose you want to download Facebook Touch on your android device, search ‘’Facebook Touch Download’’ on any browser. From the range of results that crop on your screen, click on the Facebook Touch download link, and download it.

As the APK file is downloaded, implement the following steps to install the application on your android device.

  • Ensure that your device has enabled installation from unknown sources.
  • Get the Facebook Touch downloaded file on your device.
  • Click the install button on the file as you agree to the terms and conditions of the app.
  • Wait for a few seconds while the file gets installed on your device.
  • The Facebook Touch application is ready to be used from your android device.

How to Download Facebook Touch Application in Windows?

Facebook has not launched an official Facebook Touch app on the web-store yet. However, there is a third-party application for Facebook Touch available there.

Here are the simple steps to download it on Windows:

  • Go to the web store from the start button on your device.
  • Type ‘’Facebook Touch’’ in the search bar.
  • Tap on the application that appears on your screen to install.
  • Log in with your username and password and you are good to go.

Difference between Facebook Touch and the normal Facebook Application

One question that might still crop in many of our reader’s minds is, what is the difference between the Facebook Touch application and the normal one?

Let us analyze this question in detail, and understand every major and minor difference between the two.

  • When you open the normal version, the web address is, whilst, when you open the Facebook Touch application, the web address is
  • The normal Facebook application is developed for substandard images with limited data and less data consumption. On the other hand, Facebook Touch is designed for top-notch quality images, displays, and most importantly, better graphics than its counterparts.
  • The term ‘’Facebook Touch’’ literally translates to touch Facebook, and that is what the application is designed for. This application is specially designed for touchscreen devices as they come with a strong operating system. The normal Facebook version is simple and not designed for a strong operating system.

Advantages of Using Facebook Touch Application

  • It loads faster.
  • Facebook Touch utilizes less space in the device.
  • It is equipped with better graphics, audio, and video quality.
  • Its dynamic nature helps to enhance the UL.

Disadvantages of Using Facebook Touch Application

  • Facebook Touch Application is not compatible with large displays.
  • There is no SSL encryption making this application less secure than the normal one.

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Final Words

Though the Facebook Touch application has been here for a while, it is now the time when more and more users are switching from the normal to the Facebook Touch version. This application is more dynamic, and robust and provides a better user experience. In simpler words, Facebook Touch makes using Facebook, an altogether new and better experience.

However, like every new thing, the first-time users will have difficulty with the settings of the app, but as they start using it regularly, it will become a cakewalk!

If you own a touch screen device, Facebook Touch is an application that you need as it comes with better features and is specially designed keeping the stronger operating system of the touchscreen devices in mind.

Though it is not advisable for larger screens as it is curated for a mobile-friendly ecosystem, it gives the best user experience on a small or medium-sized touchscreen device. For a personalized feed and better content, Facebook Touch is your go-to Facebook version.

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