What is CRM and Its function?

If you are searching for what is CRM? then you can get the exact answer here. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a customer relationship management system. In short, this is software designed to automate strategies for interacting with customers (clients). Helping to increase sales by analyzing the data obtained. Moreover, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing information about them and the history of relationships with them. Establishing and improving business processes. Since the early 2000s, the SaaS model of providing CRM systems has spread, that is, cloud-based software delivery by subscription.

What is CRM systems?

The main goal of implementing a CRM system is to improve the level of customer satisfaction by analyzing the accumulated information about relationships with customers, setting tariffication and marketing.

With the help of the action of automatically configured consideration of information. There is a chance to take into account the personal wishes of customers successfully and with the least action of employees. And through the speed of processing applications, prevention of risks, and understanding of potential chances became available.

In trading with the help of them, the most successful application of the cross-selling method and the upselling technique is carried out. The demand for this service is increasing.

Thus, knowledge of what is CRM systems is completely submerged in the program, installation of equipment for the customer, as well as full service and consultation.

what is CRM systems-classification and purpose

  • Sales Management (SFA);
  • Marketing management;
  • Service management and call centers (CRM systems for processing customer requests, where the follow-up activities with customer requests are recorded).

Classification of CRM by the level of information processing

  • Operational CRM-system – registration and quick access to primary data on events, companies, projects, contacts.
  • Analytical – reporting and data analysis from different angles (analysis of the results of marketing activities, analysis of sales success in the context of products, customer segments, regions, and other possible options).
  • Collaborative – the level of organization of close communication with end consumers. Reaching the influence of the customer on the internal processes of the company (surveys in order to change the quality of the product or the order of service. Web pages so that customers can track the status of the order, SMS notification of events, which are associated with an order or personal account. The ability for the customer to make a choice and order at the present time, and other interactive chances).

The market of systems and the most popular ones in the world – examples

The market by analysts from Gartner was estimated at $ 18 billion, the largest manufacturers of CRM systems are Salesforce.com (14%), SAP (12.9%), and Oracle (11.1%). Salesforce.com owns more than half of the SaaS delivery market. There are many different models to know what is CRM.

Paid platforms and software

Many paid versions of CRM have free testing periods. Let’s look at various examples.


It is the most popular CRM in the world with over 150,000 users. Salesforce provides a complete range of cloud-based tools for sales, marketing, service, analytics, data, communities, apps.

The user has access to data from all mobile devices, including integration with Apple Watch. The main differentiator is Salesforce Einstein, an artificial intelligence (AI) system that helps:

  • find out more information about clients;
  • predict results to make smarter decisions;
  • automate tasks;
  • use machine learning;
  • take the right steps by providing recommendations on the next steps in selling, providing a service, commerce, marketing.

Pricing starts at $ 30 per month. A free 30-day testing period is provided for the sample.

First bit

CRM-system “First Bit” is developed on the basis of 1C and will be an ideal solution for directors, managers, sales managers, and marketers. The software is developed on a modular basis. This allows you to purchase only those functions that are really necessary and will be used in work. If necessary, modules can be purchased and connected without problems.

The main advantages of “First Bit”:

  • Easy integration;
  • Versatility. The software works with instant messengers, websites, mail, and various mobile applications.
  • Practicality. All business processes related to the management of the commercial service and interaction with the customer fully automated;
  • Visual analytics in the form of detailed dashboards that you can customize to your liking.


1C has been on the market for many years now and positions itself as a supplier of thoughtful and stable software. The product of 1C: CRM has an interface familiar to millions of users, which will make the integration even faster and easier.

The “highlight” of the program is its flexibility. On the other hand, it is necessary that any functions can be changed, removed, or adjusted for yourself. At the same time, the speed of work will still remain high.

If the company already uses any accounting programs from this manufacturer, then they can be easily integrated into the system. As for the cost, the price of the basic license starts at 5000 rubles, the version for 11 users is about $ 1000.


Social CRM is a browser plugin that will make work on a social network automated, as fast and efficient as possible.

With it, you can quickly find and group the contacts you need, as well as use the built-in sales funnel and increase the number of deals several times over. What’s more, the plugin allows you to create effective post templates and send them in just a few clicks.


The ideal solution for small business owners would be to implement ZOHO CRM. Especially if the number of employees in the company does not exceed 10 people. Indeed, in this case, the use of the program will be absolutely free.

Zoho has advanced functionality that allows you to effectively manage your sales. Moreover, there is built-in integration with Google Adwords, social networks and the company’s website.

In 2016, the developer released a global update. As a result, Zoho has added a new email client, customer activity feed, and a built-in gamification layer. The latter function significantly increases the motivation of salespeople, increases the number of transactions, and as a result, the company’s profitability.

Price: from 12 euros.

“Things are going”

“Things are going” CRM system is the optimal solution for small, only developing companies. More than 1000 companies use this software. The main feature is simplicity and intuitive interface.

This CRM system has only the most necessary and basic functions. This solution allows you to significantly speed up the training of personnel and increase its efficiency several times.

The list of benefits should supplemented:

  • Low cost. Small functionality simplifies maintenance of the CRM system, which makes it much cheaper.
  • High speed of work. Due to the absence of an overabundance of functionality, the user will not encounter delays when working with the CRM system.
  • The safety and convenience of the CRM system. Using sophisticated filters, you can always quickly find the clients you need.

After knowing what is CRM, know how to increase customer.

After knowing what is CRM. You should know how to increase customer, and how to provide service so that he will consistent in our company. CRM technologies can be inefficient if there was no proper management and not properly implemented correctly. The data you stored can be connected, distributed, and organized properly so that the user can access your data easily and without frustration. if your user calls for some query then you always remember this thing that not transfer that much of call so that the user will think to change the service provider. Therefore, it is more important for any company to deliver cross-channel customer service so that it can be consistent for both.

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