What does OP mean? And why is it so famous?

OP, We listen to this word by many famous YouTubers mostly gaming YouTubers. They shout many times on their videos “OP-Bolte” when they do an amazing trick or shoot amazing shoot on Pubg mobile or Free Fire. But these words are used in various places or moments. Generally, OP word is popular for its acronym “Online”. Many people use these words in various places but mostly on youtube, Free-Fire or Pubg. Today, we will discuss what does OP means, how to use it properly, or how to pronounce it correctly in our vocabulary.

What is the full form of OP?

The full form of “OP” is “Over-Powered”. This word is generally used on gaming platforms. This word is very common on Pubg, Free-Fire, or Youtube. 

What is the OP means on social media?

On social media, the OP meaning is different than gaming. OP stands for “Original Poster” or “Original Post” on social media. Let’s take an example, OP is a common word on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. If anyone posts a tweet and then it creates a long chain of many replies of many people then the first person who posted the first tweet and started this long chain has referred to as OP.

What does OP mean on gaming?

We listen to OP word various times on Youtube. YouTubers use this word in their video. But many times on live streaming for the shout-out. In gaming, OP stands for the word “Over-Powered” when anyone gets an advantage against the opponent then the words are called “Over-Powered”. Let’s take an example of the Pubg Mobile game if a player has an AWM gun and another one has Kar98K then the advantage goes to the player who has an AWM gun. Then the AWM gun player called “OP” “Over-Powered”.

What does OP mean on Reddit?

Reddit is the largest messaging board community where people visit and ask their queries. There are a lot of threads created by many users. On this platform, people ask questions and their unsolved queries. The person who gives the answer is referred to as “OP” because he or she answering them all.

What does Opt-Out mean?

Opt-Out word is used for unsubscribing any mails or any online services. When you leave any services or site membership then this word is used for leaving. You can see the “Opt-Out” word on various online places like websites, blogs, or groups.

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Final Words

Now in the current time, the “OP” word is more famous because of respecting or praising others in the online world. When YouTubers come on live streaming they use these words as a shout-out praising others. Our team researched this topic and cover all OP meanings used in various places. If we forgot anything to add to this topic please comment down below and mention it we will add it by updating our content.

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