5 things to keep in mind when upgrading to a new phone


1. Newer or older variants

Many of the older phones might not be 5G-ready, and if you plan to be an early adopter, you might be in for a disappointment.

2. 5G support

5G for those who are not aware is the next-gen mobile LTE network, capable of offering much faster downloads, low latency networks. However, your phone needs to support the required 5G bands.

3. Discounts and Timing

The discount season will soon be upon us again, though if you open any e-commerce website, it might seem like everything is on discount all the time. while it might seem prudent to wait for a festive season sale

4. Price bracket

This is the most important factor when deciding on your next phone, and depends entirely on your circumstances and budget. But you will also need to temper expectations depending on the budget. 

5. Specification

When we say specifications, we focus on the processor, the amount of RAM and storage you’re getting, and the battery size coupled with fast charging. With the camera, we’ve seen that the megapixel count is no assurance for performance, given there are many software aspects which drive the final result.

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