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In early times humans used the sundial to know the time which works on the shadow of the sun. but in the modern and advanced world, humans use watches. watches show the personality or status of men. So men use expensive or suitable watches. The best watches for designers help men/women to look fashionable. There are a variety of watches for every generation like kids, teenagers, and older ones.


Watch is the most personal thing for men and women to choose according to their taste and class. But how will you choose the best watch so I will tell you the top 10 (2021)watches for men or women?   

Top 10 watches for designers for men

#1: Apple watch

In today’s world, there are so many watches but there is no comparison of apple watches for designers. Choosing the watches depends on the designer’s taste. Apple updates the design or features of apple watches. So some of the best Apple watches are the Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 5 and the latest or full of mind-blowing features Apple launched the Apple watch 6.

#2: Michael Bastian and HP Chronowing limited edition black

It is one of the best-suggested watches. It is the best smartwatch that attracts the viewer with its special features, classic look, and bands. This watch has so many features like weather prediction (with temperature) , sunset timing, heartbeats, more battery life span, lovely screen. It has some special editions which are different from other watches.

#3: Suunto Elementum Terra    

This watch is known for its craft and its unique design. This watch is manufactured in also measures temperature, weather and also includes a 3D compass, altimeters, barometer. so it is one of the best watches for designers who know about digital technology.

#4: Uniform wares C41

Wearing Uniform Wares directly takes you to a higher level and the European culture. It’s a PVD- coated stainless steel case with, brown leather strap. so it is also one of the great outfits.

#5: Mr jones the last laugh tattoo Edition

This watch is a very antique watch because its laugh tattoo belongs to the tradition of memento mori. the tattoo design was made by British tattoo artist Adrian Willard. Instead of time hands, it shows times in the tattoo teeth; the upper teeth show the hours, and the lower show the minutes. for its uniqueness so it is one of the best watches.

#6: Withings activite  

Hybrid and smartwatches have many features like pulse HR, move ECG, steel HR, and long battery life (25 days to 30 days), connected GPS, smart helps to keep the body fit by taking your steps, running, swim and sleeping automatically. It has a classic look that can be used for daily use.

#7: Nooka Zex night 

It is known for its different designs and shape. It has so many features like a digital display, water-resistant, IP coating, and long-term has Elegance, comfort, quality. So it is one of those watches for designers.

#8: Nixon-The super tide

It is known for next-generation watches for its advanced features like High-resolution display digital tide watch. It is the world-champion-tested feature of sunrise/sunset/230 global surf sport.

#9: Casio A164W-1VES

This look is very classic and made from chrome plated and stainless steel. It is a popular Japanese quartz movement. Its diameter is 35mm and its thickness is 10mm. Which is small from other watches but best for those who want the classic retro style. features are time, alarm, display, date display, and a backlight.

#10: IWC pilot’s watch chronograph

It is known for its versatile style and it has a feature to adapt to any surroundings. It is very impressive from all sides. The best classic look to attract everyone and has a pure leather strip that looks awesome.


1: Sweet Alhambra watch 

2: Santos de Cartier watch  

3: Cape cod stainless steel & leather steam watch 

4: The Tilda bracelet watch 22mm 

5: Gancino bracelet watch 22mm

6: Boyfriend skeleton watch 

7: Reine le Naples wristwatch 

8: Lyric crystal bracelet watch 28mm

9: Villeret women date 

10: Oyster 31mm new model 2020    

#1: Sweet Alhambra watch 

The Alhambra motif is the symbol of luck. Its shape was a four-leaf clover design. The watch is made from gold or diamond which shows luxuries or classics in society. So it is one of the best watches for designers. Who has a high income and has the luxury taste.

#2: Santos de Cartier

This watch company designs their watch for higher aims and they design the watch sketch on paper to choose the best design. This watch is known for its luxuries and classic shape.

#3: Cape cod stainless steel & leather steam watch 

This watch company’s task was to create emblematic watches. Its case was stainless steel case, sapphire glass crystal, engraved case back. It is manufactured in Switzerland. one case is very famous, which is orange in color. This attracts everyone and it is best from those watches for designers which show the designers or women look different in society.

#4:The Tilda bracelet watch 22mm

It is inspired by a has a fine gold-plated chain and genuine lapis has good water resistance, size 21mm, thickness 10mm, case lug width 20mm, toggle clasp closure, and style number TBW3030. So it is also best to watch for women.

#5: Gancino bracelet watch 22mm

It is the most iconic symbol and elegant bangle bracelet. which makes it unique jewelry. Its size is 22mm, water resistance is 30 meters. sapphire crystal anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, and 2+2 Year warranty. so it is also the best choice for designers and women.

#6: boyfriend skeleton watch       

This is a very unique gold alloy. all parts inside are arranged in the movement design. The boyfriend skeleton is known for ladies. Its special features are diameter 28.6mkm, length 37.0mm, material 18k beige gold, water resistance 30m, power reserve 55 hours and strap alligator with 18k pin buckle.

#7: Reine ie Naples wristwatch 

It comes under the luxury watch made up of 18k gold and bezel and dial flange set with 117 diamonds. and it also has silver gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. It’s some specification power reserve 45, Calibre 537/3, lines 83/4.and sapphire case back.

#8: Lyric crystal bracelet watch 28mm

It is made from a stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet. It is made from a silver dial solid case back and rectangle shape 28mm and 18mm case thickness 7mm. and known for its classic look and antique look.

#9: Villeret women date 

It has an automatic watch for women: its case diameter 33.2mm, water resistance 3 bar, case thickness 8.92mm, width between horns 18mm, power reserve 100 hours, jewels 28k, components 210, and frequency 3hz. It has so many features that women like.

#10: Oyster 31mm new model 2020 

This watch is one of those luxury watch companies. Its name is Rolex, known for its classic style. Water-resistance 100m, movement perpetual, mechanical, is also known for professional watches in a variety of materials, dials, bracelets. So it is one of the best watches for designers.

Our Recommendation 

Overall we would say that there are plenty of watches of different brands, functions, and designs. But I would say that shop wisely, choose wisely keeping in mind about budget, don’t stretch yourself more as technology in watches changes every second but the main function remains the same.