In the advanced tech-savvy era, ensuring secure communication and data safety has become the need of the hour. Security and privacy are the topmost concerns of organizations which operate on critical client information.

Email security and safety becomes imperative as it controls access to sensitive data that can be transmitted in each message. Emails, in particular, are vulnerable to security issues as compared to other sources of data exchange because they are shared over a variety of networks, including unsecured, public Wi-Fi.

Despite the fact that majority of us cannot do our regular tasks without checking our email on a regular basis, we don’t pay much attention to the privacy and security of our inbox and take it for granted. Several reports show that emails are becoming the prime target for intruders, leading to an increase in the number of security risks.

However, if you are careful and aware of your activities then securing and controlling the data access is possible. Coping up and averting all the chances of data compromise with Adaptive Security possible solutions offer a great opportuning to build a wall around your precious information.

Adaptive Security’s Two Mail Solution is a one-stop email solution that works towards averting the chances of data leakage. Emails, with the help of this software, can be accessed as a part of local LAN without putting critical data under threat.

It is a unique way in itself as storing and accessing email messages without actually being connected to the internet is possible. It features two-level security that prevents the information from all kinds of threats.

Two-Mail’s two-step authentication feature makes the act of accessing sensitive information, by any unauthorized party, impossible. This software protects the data from exposure and reduces the odds of falling prey to vulnerabilities.

It involves three types of identification to authenticate its user:

• PIN, Password and Secret Question
• Device
• Biometric, Retina and Fingerprint

These unique features protect clients’ data from MITM (man in the middle) attacks. The three layers work against all vulnerabilities, threats, social engineering and password brute-force attempts by unauthorized personnel effectively.

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