Education is necessary for all we know and it is important to provide education to the last mine of the world. We have seen our traditional method of teaching is very effective but, it was very hard to provide it to a large number of students (for example – you have seen in your class that a maximum of 30-40 students are studying at a time and also you have seen your classes sections divide into alphabets (like A, B & C) this is done to teach more student of the same class). So we have to solve this problem and we need to acquire new methods of delivering education to everyone. This problem is solved by modern-day technology. In that time technology in education grew very well and solved many problems.

Now with the help of the internet, communication between people becomes very easy. We can reach any person very easily and efficiently. the way we are developing the technology will go to solve our many problems in future


Many people think that education should be free of cost to all of those who want it but it is not possible because the people who provide something valuable to others have some operational cost and it is necessary to recover it. Technology in education can significantly improve the productivity of education and we saw that if you provide online education then you can simply cut your many operational costs (like- traveling expense, books expense, etc.) We have seen many platforms that provide educational classes through online mediums and this education is very much affordable. Nowadays everyone wants to learn online because you can simply take classes anywhere you want. A student can learn only those things that he wants to learn so he doesn’t need to waste his time. So let’s discuss the teacher’s and students’ point of view on this topic.

Teachers advantages on technology in education

A teacher always suffers from a heavy workload. they had to teach many students they were busy the whole time and all of this pressure on teachers decreases their efficiency or effectiveness. What if a teacher fully puts his effort into one class and records it or may go live with his best then he can reach more students at one time and give his quality of education. It’s a very good idea and we have seen some of the big educational startups doing this and making their business bigger day by day.

1.Expanding the capacity

Technology in education throw a teacher can teach a massive number of student at one time

2.Reduce the workload of a teacher

Some teachers spend literally much time on teaching because they have to cover their expenses and earn something for their livelihood. With the help of technology in education, they can reach more students and earn more in less time.

Students advantages on technology in education

Normally, A student wants to learn something new. then he will first go to find a teacher. And according to his budget, he will go for any teacher. Many things come to mind  



 A student needs a teacher who provides his service at a favorable location for students. Throw technology in education a student learns anything & anywhere he wants.


 Sometimes a student needs to be focused more on a particular topic. In a traditional way. the teacher can’t make his focus on one student. He has to teach according to the requirement of the majority. And in online classes, a student can attend only those topics in which we want to learn.


Sometimes it was hard for some poor students to attend a popular teacher lecture. In traditional methods, the cost per student is very high. Technology in education makes costs per student decrease very much and it becomes affordable for everyone.

Disadvantages of technology on education

1.Impact on the effectiveness

Technology in education impacts a teacher when he teaches something online then he can only express his knowledge to students. He can’t understand a student capture his words well

2. Lack of personal touch

In traditional methods between a teacher and a student become a bond. And the teacher can feel where a student is struggling to learn. You have seen this in your school on parent-teacher day meetings. The teacher explains the situation of students to their parents. So they can improve, otherwise, in the online medium, it totally depends on the student. You can’t make anyone liable for not providing education. This personal touch makes traditional methods very effective. technology in education need more to develop to fill this gap

3.It may affect negatively a teachers income

Nowadays we have seen technology grow in education and make an education business. They record the class of some teacher and pay them very little and make a huge profit.


Technology in education overview is good but it is hard to maintain the effectiveness of education. The traditional way of teaching is very much effective. Now we need to make a balance between online and traditional ways of teaching. (like- in some easy topics we can cover them through the online medium but sometimes we need to use traditional methods where the effectiveness of teaching is necessary)

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