Semrush Review – Aware of it’s Pricing and free trial membership

October 14, 2021 By Sahil Dhyani 0
semrush review

SEO is more recommendable or needed to improve your site ranking or get ranked in the top 10 on Google SERP. Many users use this software or other software for doing SEO. Buying pro membership of any keyword research tool firstly checks its review. If you are thinking of taking pro membership of Semrush then you have clicked on the right content for this semrush review.

In simple language, SEO is a process by which you can improve your website or get indexed or ranked in google. It’s looking easy but if you have patience then try otherwise choose the PPC method.

So, In this post, we will discuss semrush and at the end, we will talk about semrush review 2021.

Semrush is an online visibility tool or software by which we can do many things like keyword research, domain overview, traffic analysis, keyword gap, backlink gap, or much more.

It’s also very useful to run digital advertising strategies, like web campaigns. You can also call him an all-in-one tool. Because this tool helps to run many campaigns like PPC( Pay-Per-Click ), Social media, and content advertising. This process will optimize your website higher and helps to get more leads.

In Semrush over 200 million unique domains were monitored, 41 trillion backlinks created, 20 billion keywords placed, or at last over 7 million users who tried semrush.

Many people search in Google about semrush review trust me if you read this content you won’t need to do this search again.

By using Semrush, you can check what is happening inside your business area of interest. The site audit function is really helpful to you. Using site audit you can audit your on-page web optimization and easily find the competitive ranking keywords related to your niches.

Semrush helps with your marketing campaign and 

Read our full post to know more. I will discuss its tools, details, or how it works and at the end semrush review.

Semrush review: Tools Tour

Competitive Research

Domain Overview

domain overview

By using this tool you can easily analyze your competitor’s website or any website related to your niches. You can see your competitor’s strengths or weaknesses by using the domain overview option and also check its online visibility. You can discover the top keywords that bring your site ranked.

For example, if you search on semrush you can check their domain info or overview, its authority score traffic, or many more.

The other main feature is domain comparison, using this saves you time to do lots of searches, insert your top 5 competitors’ URLs and check keywords and other details.

Find the ranked keywords for a specific country or globally and uncover the key metrics by organic search traffic or paid search traffic and number of backlinks.

Access your website growth simply or check your domain growth for a specific period for example 1 – week, 1 – month, 3 – months, 6 – months,s or more. You can save your report in your device or system in Xls or CSV format. You can compare your domain to specific countries like the united states, Germany, or others.

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Traffic Analytics

traffic analysis

In Traffic Analytics you can analyze or view your website traffic or any other company website performance just simply by putting a Url. To ease your work you can check websites in bulk.

You can check the website overview and count the no. of visitors or unique visitors who come to your website and check their device info like mobile or desktop. Take advantage to get ranked in google by seeing gaps. In traffic analytics, you see an audience insight option by which you can get info about your audience and reveal the websites also visited by your competitors’ site visitors with audience overlapping means easily see the full list of websites the same user goes to. This feature is very useful to get traffic. You can easily check the five competitors’ audience insight at once.

If you want to know more, then you also check how your competitor handles its visitors or marketing strategies. Track competitors’ traffic in bulk and check their top pages.

You see your visitors’ country through geolocation features.

Organic Research

organic research

This tool helps you to find high-volume keywords related to your niches or interest and helps you to place your website on top of SERP ( Search Engine Ranking Page ). You can check your competitor’s keywords and easily try to defeat their websites or check their ranking keywords. Check their website how much traffic comes organically. You can also check that what is the new keyword are helping your competitor to get ranked in the top 20.

See the tactics or strategy of your website and check how to improve it.

For example, if you search semrush review in organic research you can see its volume, global volume, traffic, keywords, or much more.

Keyword Gap

keywords research

Keyword gap tools are very useful if you know how it works. You can easily compare your website keywords to competitors’ keywords on four sites at the same time.

Just simply add your competitive URL and see a list appearing all common and unique keywords they rank for. You can add 4 competitors’ URLs at the same time.

You can check your SEO types means switching between the keywords for organic or paid search. Find a lot of keywords or competitor keywords and create a strategy to defeat your opponents.

Backlink Gap

link building

This tool helps to create a solid backlink. Just enter your website domain or your competitive domain and then compare it and find the opportunity to get solid link-building.

After comparing you see a lot of website lists just choose the website and target it on your link-building campaign.

Keyword Research

Keyword Overview

This tool helps you to find keywords related to your niche and tell you that this keyword is right for you or not. Because keyword is the major role to get rank your website in Google SERP. If you are a blogger then this is best for you. Just choose your topic and search the keywords main check the volume must be high or keyword difficulty is low if you are a beginner. Analyze one or batch of keywords with just one tap.

Backlink Analytics

According to Semrush, Semrush is the largest backlink database. Semrush performs 43+ billion competitor backlinks with accurate data or the fastest data updates. The backlink is very essential for ranking your site using backlink it gives you a powerful off-page boost.

In Semrush you see a backlink audit option by which you can monitor your backlinks means it’s live or not. Using this you can easily save your site from toxic links that can hurt your rankings.

You also use link building tool to create powerful or easy backlinks. This tool shows you the websites you want to take backlinks or their contact information, mail id, or social info to outreach the owner. Once you got backlinks you will easily monitor your links. After some time check your backlinks again it’s still alive or dead.

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Semrush pros and cons
semrush review

Semrush review: It’s Pros And Cons


  • Provide free trial for users ( 10 searches free after sign-up )
  • Gather all the data in one place
  • It’s easy to use
  • Powerful keyword research or backlink audit site
  • Get deep info about your traffic like its location, device, or any other
  • Easily Analysis your or other domain in one place and get info
  • Suitable for all businesses or agencies
  • Easily compare backlinks to your competitor backlinks and remove toxic links
  • Position tracking know your ranking in SERP
  • 7 days free trial


  • After buying some features take extra charges to know more
  • Semrush shows you only one platform google data but ahref shows more search engine
  • The main cons of Semrush is when you taking a trial then entering credit card info is necessary to take a trial
  • Semrush another bad con is this site is not responsive so its hard to use on a mobile device
  • Semrush is not for beginners there are so many tools that will confuse you
  • Price is more expensive than others
  • Importing files are limited in Semrush
  • 1 user per subscription is harder

Look-Out Price or Plans

                            PLAN                        PRICING
                            Pro                    $119.95/-month
                            Guru                    $229.95/- month
                        Business                    $449.95/- month

To save 17% of plan pricing you can pay annually option then the prices are:-

                            PLAN                        PRICING
                            Pro                    $99.95/-month
                            Guru                    $191.62/- month
                        Business                    $374.95/- month

Semrush Ratings

According to our opinion and point of view, the Semrush rating are:-

User Friendly    – 4 / 5

Value of Money – 4.7 / 5

Support             – 4.5 / 5

Beginners use   – 4 / 5

Semrush Alternatives You can use

There are so many so Semrush alternatives but some famous are:-

  • Ahref
  • Spyfu
  • Buzzsumo
  • Moz
  • Keyword tracker

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30-days free trial Available

Generally, Semrush gives 7 days free trial for its user but if you read this content you got 30 – days free trial. In 30 – days trial you can use all tools free without any limit you can find keywords, analyze traffics, and more about your competitor details.

Semrush is very expensive if you are a beginner then I highly recommend you don’t purchase it. Just take a trial and learn about how it’s used then buy a pro account.

Here is a link if you want to try or take a 30 – days trial then you click here – 

SEMrush 30-days trial

Should we choose Semrush for doing Seo

There are so many reasons by which we can tell that Semrush is best or not best. So here in the Semrush review, we will discuss why it’s good or best and not best.

On the web, there are so many keyword research tools or another same tool as Semrush but when you search in their platform the data is a bit different because no one knows the correct data except google.

But Semrush is quite well than others. Semrush or ahrefs are the same and compete with each other. Semrush is very helpful to get ranked in Google SERP. So in our opinion, Semrush is best for pros not beginners.