What can you do with Google assistant by saying “OK Google”?

January 12, 2022 By Sahil Dhyani 0
Google assistant ok google

You can do anything from Google Assistant by saying “Ok Google” do this or do this. Google Assistant will help you to do all the work like when you are driving and you want to call your friends or anybody, then just ask “Ok Google” call, James or anyone.

You can create a shopping list, reminder, set an alarm, or much-much more by just saying “Ok Google”. By using this command Google helps you to do anything. You can also do this in Google Homṣe smart speakers but thanks to Google developers, they give virtual assistants to every smartphone user for their help.

Google Assistant helps you by searching for anything. It simply scraps or uses the power of Google and gives you a better result. By doing developer’s hard-work Google Assistant is now more advanced and makes your life easier. Google commands allow you to navigate your schedule, nearby hotel recommendations, check knowledge, or much more by just asking “Ok Google”. To use the Google Assistant feature you have to enable it first.

How to set up “Ok Google” step-by-step?

  • Open your “Google app”.
  • Click on your avatar icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • And then click on “Settings”.
  • Tap on “Google Assistant”.
  • And then click on “Hey Google & Voice Match”.
  • Enable the toggle button to enable the “Google Assistant”.
  • Now your “Google Assistant” is turned ON.
  • Check to have a try ask “OK Google”. 

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Some best Google Assistant commands are:-

Open any apps by your voice

Let’s say you are doing any work like washing your hand, washing clothes, or anything and your hands are wet, and then suddenly you received a notification from a WhatsApp message and you want to see it. But you can’t touch your phone then you can do this by just saying “Ok Google” Open Whatsapp and the assistant will open your WhatsApp and then you can see your messages without touching your phone. You can do this on any apps (the third-party app is also included).

Open your phone lock handsfree

There are many ways to open your phone lock without touching your phone. One is a face lock. You can add your face id by setting the option. And the second is the fingerprint option. You can add your fingerprint by going to settings and then the security option. But now, you can unlock your phone by just asking your Google Assistant to unlock your phone. Ask “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” Unlock my phone and that’s it. To enable this go to your assistant settings and then select “Ok Google” detection by trusted voice.

Steps to add face unlock:-

  • Open your phone “Settings”.
  • Go to “Security”.
  • And click on the face unlock option the first time it will ask you to add your face id.
  • And done.

Read any Webpage loud by Google assistant

This will work when you read the content on the web and you can’t see the text properly or any reason then you can just ask your Google Assistant by just saying “Ok Google” read this or read this page and Google Assistant does read it for you. First, open the webpage you want to read and then say this command.

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Search any image by Google assistant

You can search any image by just saying “Ok Google” search for the statue of liberty, or search the baby dogs, cats, or any animals you want. This feature is hands-free by just asking Google to do this or do this. You can also use Google lens to search the image but this is not hands-free. You have to use your hands to click the picture you want to search for.

Get suggestions on any topics

If you are confused about what to do, where to go on vacations, and anything, just ask your Google Assistant and it gives you a lot of results. Just say “Ok Google” What is the best place to go on vacation, what is the recipe for Apple Pie, or any dish, what are the best movies to watch, and much more. Just say to Google Assistant and it will help you.

Get news by Google assistant

Be notified of what’s going on in the world. What is going on or what’s the latest news? And Google Assistant will tell you all the latest or fresh news. By just asking “Ok Google” What’s the latest news, or Today what’s going on trends and any type of query. Google Assistant will help you.

Get info about the Weather forecast

Check today’s weather forecast by Google Assistant. Just say “Ok Google” tell me about today’s weather, today is raining or not, what’s today’s temperature, and more. Google tells you all the weather forecast data.

Save your memory

Use this if you forget too much, like don’t know where your wallet or home keys are and anything just asks Google that “Ok Google” remind me I place my wallet on the backside of the jeans, or remind me the home keys are on the key hanger.

In short Google Assistant Queries

Good Morning

By using this command you can catch your daily routine. Google Assistant gives you the full report of the weather or your work report.

Wake me up at _

You can set an alarm by just saying this command and the assistant will set the alarm automatically.

Open _

This command is used for opening any app.

Set a reminder for _AM

By saying this, the assistant set a reminder for you.

Turn ON Bluetooth/Wifi

By using this to Google Assistant, it will turn On your Bluetooth or wifi and you want.

Play _ Music

You can play any music without touching your phone by just saying this command.

Tell me a joke

This command is just for fun. You can ask your assistant for this command and the assistant will tell you a joke.

“Ok Google” what time is it

You can ask your assistant by saying this command.

“Ok Google” what is today’s date

This command is used for asking for dates.

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Say ok Google to your virtual assistant and command what you want to do. You can ask anything she will give you the answer from accessing or scrapping the power of Google data. If you want to know more about Google Assistant then you can visit Google’s official support site. Or, if our team has forgotten some point to write about Google Assistant then comment down below what we forgot.