The entrepreneur and influencer is that person who takes the risk to set up high-quality business and businesses and hopes for profit in that recent start-up business. But the fact is, the loss may also consider at the same time if the quality of the product is not reliable.

FAIZAN JAVED IFTI is one of the business influencer or an entrepreneur, who just not only take the risk but start several numbers of businesses. At a very young age, he becomes a good influencer for the people who wants to set the large as well as small businesses at a suitable economical level and learn tools and technique from him.

The entrepreneur is a national asset that is to be refined, encouraged, and compensated to the greatest possible extent. They are life-changer persons and flourished our societies.

So, the influencer has a pioneering role in our society. The detailed role is described as following:

  1. Key players in introducing the new products and process innovation:

The arrival of new products and different kinds of products expand your business and gain high attention from your customers. Innovation processing creates and builds new ideas 5and when new ideas are built the new products emerge.

  •  Entrepreneurs create social stability:

The entrepreneurs create an improved quality of products and services and in return provide economic freedom and improve the societies. In turn, they also create a quality of life, morale, economic stability in society.

  • Key role in community development and infrastructure:

Through contributions to corporate social development, the entrepreneurs developed and infrastructure the community and support the infrastructure of education, health care, business, training and mentorship, and other social needs.

  • Contribute to national income:

Entrepreneur generates a handsome amount of wealth. If the existing business may remain confined to the same marketing so the same amount of income generates. But with the emergences of new products and services creates the changes and handsome amount of money generates. So, the increased number of employment and pays contributions to the increase of national incomes in form of higher tax revenue and government spending.

  • Recruitment of employments:

Entrepreneurs create new jobs and recruit new employees so that new employments are generated for talented and hardworking people. They can hire a trained and skilled person who can manage, test implement, support, develop, and maintains the company products and services.

So, this is all about the role of an entrepreneur in our society, and if the entrepreneur is like Faizan Javed Ifti, who inspires the people with his talented skills and command, the people will get an advantage of working under influencer like him in our society. As someone’s say that the people who have the strongest determination and enthusiasm are doers, not thinkers.

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