If you are an ardent crypto explorer, then you must have read about many cryptocurrency terminologies. But do you have any idea about what is Proof of Stake? If not, then let us tell you that it is the best-decentralized solution that lets earning of passive income by investors. It does not have to rely on any centralized exchanges, because blockchain is itself a ledger technology. The income proportional to the staked amount can be earned by participants. 


The staked amount can be expected with 100% safety with the provision of constant returns since blocks are minted. It is safe until there is no attempt to misuse or defrauding the system by stakeholders. Now, after getting a brief idea about what is proof of stake, it’s time to know some of the top POS cryptocurrencies from the below list starting from:


LOOM is also one of the top cryptocurrencies for profitable proof of stake. You have to choose an exchange that trades it. But another important point is that you need to make the selection of the LOOM wallet and can fund it with ETH to send transactions. 

BaseChain is known to be delegated proof of stake, so here depositing your LOOM is possible. Apart from it, Loom can also be transferred to a validator, and then from the available list, you have to make a selection and can start staking your LOOM. OKEx, KuCoin, Binance, and Bittrex are the preferred crypto exchanges to buy LOOM.


TRON is another name among the top proof of stake cryptocurrencies yielding annual results at 7.3%. It has impressive liquidity and is simple to trade, purchase, and sell on bigger exchanges. It is even regarded as the most profitable proof of stake cryptocurrency.


NULS can also be one of the best options for proof of stake cryptocurrencies. You must access approximately 2K NULS. You can install a NULS wallet to transfer all your NULS into it. And then you can begin with your staking. 


Phore enables the building of the dApps network easily by developers. This decentralized blockchain application platform functions upon proof of stake consensus mechanism. PHR, known to be its cryptocurrency is at the center of all its operations. When it comes to staking Phore for being the profitable proof of stake option, you can purchase PHR at exchanges like CryptoBridge, IDAX, and Crex24. 

1 PHR is the minimum limit to stake it. You need to download an official Phore wallet, and then proceed with your PHR funds transfer to the wallet. Be patient in leaving the wallet for 24/7 online and then you can earn rewards. 


Listing another top option for proof of stake cryptocurrency is IOST. Aided by the smart contract, this decentralized blockchain platform is known for giving services for internet providers. The unique shaping of this project reflects through its customized POB (proof of believability) consensus mechanism.

To purchase IOST, you need to be a part of a staking pool like OB pool and Huobi, to begin with, your IOST staking. There are cryptocurrency exchanges like OKEx, Bit-Z, Binance, and KuCoin.


So these are some of those top proof of stake cryptocurrencies to look for. Besides briefing you about these POS cryptocurrencies, I also let you know about what is proof of stake. If you are still inquisitive to know more POS cryptocurrencies, then I suggest you refer to the Cryptoknowmics website. It is a hub of all crypto knowledge providing information about any topics. All you need to do is to stay abreast of its cryptocurrency news calendar, and then you can get all the updates about any crypto events, news about digital currencies like Bitc

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