The website development has revolutionized with time from one technology to another, it has been the face of the business for marking its global existence. Since long WordPress CMS has ruled the world with its all in one platform strategy for non-developers and developers with several themes and plugins.

Jamstack technology, on the other hand, is based on the concept of microservices where the back-end and front-end have been separated for the efficiency of the website. It is the build process where JavaScript, APIs, and Markup are used. Jamstack website pages are built a time ahead in the markup language that is served as static HTML files. To build a website on Jamstack three technologies are brought together i.e. Headless CMS like WordPress, Static Site Generator like Gatsby, and APIs like GraphQL.

Static Site Generator – Front End

 The most trending static site generators are Gatsby WordPress themes – based on React, Gridsome based on Vue.JS hogo and there are few more available in the market. The purpose is to create the static version of the HTML file making the user interface very fast and secure from hacking.


 The purpose of APIs is to connect the front-end to the back end, they act as a bridge between the user interface and the database. GraphQL is a popular plugin-based API used by WordPress to connect with Gatsby.  

Headless CMS – Back End

It is a simple Content Management System that doesn’t have any front-end attached to it and the SSGs. WordPress is the most popular back-end used mostly for database and content management. The headless holds the content, DB, and the APIs for the website based on the Jamstack Development technology. Some other names in the list are Contentful, Ghost, Netlify, and more.

Jamstack Website Benefits

 Some of the most demanding benefits of Jamstack technology are noted below;

–        It is better and fast as the pages are served with pre-build markup over the web for users.

–        The new pages can be deployed easily and quickly through CDN.

–        Some platforms like Netlify offer free hosting services for Jamstack websites that reduce the cost.

–        The back-end and front-end are connected with APIs making the website extremely secure from hackers.

–        The concept gives a refined and improved development experience since the front-end developers can focus on the designs only and the back-end developers need to be relaxed about the designing problems they face.


 There are endless possibilities of using Jamstack as the preferred architecture for your web solutions. If you are a blogger or a start-up you must be looking for a great website option with a niche that is provided by Jamstack technology. The web is fast so your website must also be efficient enough to match the speed and market trend. The trends will keep on changing and those who change with the changing trends get successful, Jamstack Website allows re-built your website or start a new and same with minimum effort but several benefits. There are some efficient platforms providing services in providing Jamstack website templates and one of them is StackGround that provides build-in Gatsby WordPress templates and themes with modern stack designs best suiting the requirement of businesses and individuals. Gatsby and WordPress are the preferred platforms that are used to make your digital presence remarkable and give a boost to your business.

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