Apple iPhone SE 2 – Price and Specification

April 19, 2020 By TechWorldMe 0

The new iPhone SE 2 is built with one purpose that is low price. iPhone has launched at the lowest price and sleek design. The iPhone is a newly specified phone introduced in the market releases on 24th April 2020. This iPhone is very portable and can easily be used by a person single-handed.  Also, the price ranges of this iPhone SE 2 basic variant with 64 GB internal memory and 3 Gb ram are very affordable at just $301.77, and also it is one of the best iPhones that is ever created.

The screen is very portable and can be used single-handed, the size of the screen is just 4.7 inch which is very portable. A user can easily hold this iPhone SE 2 with just a single hand.

This iPhone SE 2 comes in the 3 different colors which are so pretty and attractive that are black, white, and red. However, red is the most unique color available on the iPhone, and black and white are common colors.

In this blog, I would help you why you should or should not prefer this iPhone Se 2 for purchasing.

The Price of New iPhone SE 2 (2020)

The iPhone SE (2020) begins at £399 in the UK and $301.77 in the US. However prices are not just $301.77, these prices will be high according to its ROM or storage, the prices are:

  • 64GB: £399/$301.77 
  • 128GB: £449/$449
  • 256GB: £549/$549

However these prices are higher in UK as compare to the US. Also according to us these prices are bit higher in UK and may be irritating for the UK buyer to buy this phone at this rate.

You should choose a better iPhone if you are buying this at a higher price. You can buy this iPhone but do not pay very big for it. This is the best new iPhone that comes under the budget of the customer and after so many times a new iPhone has arrived in the market that can easily avail by the customer.

If you look at the past of the apple iPhone then this iPhone is much better among them all. The new SE replaces the iPhone 8 and matches it in many regards, including a processor that is two ages more up to date with the A13 Bionic chipset. This A13 Bionic chipset will result in the better performance of the iPhone.

iPhone SE (2020) all Specification and new features

Here is the specification list of the iPhone SE 2:

  • The processor is the A13 Bionic chipset which is the fastest ever.
  • Storage 64GB/128GB/256GB
  • 4.7-inch screen display having 625 nits brightness and 1400:1 contrast
  • 12Mp rear-facing camera with flash and Portrait mode and 4K video available in this new iPhone.
  • Front Facing camera is 7Mp with Portrait mode
  • This iPhone is water and dust resistance
  • 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm; 148gm in weight

Reason to prefer iPhone SE 2 2020

Some reason why you should prefer this iPhone SE 2020 and the reasons are:

  1. A3 Bionic chip which is the fastest chip ever
  2. Wireless charging
  3. 50% charge in just 30 minutes
  4. Similar to the iPhone 11
  5. New camera experience 12+12+12 megapixel
  6. Portable size
  7. Best iPhone ever which comes under customer budget.
  8. The size of this iPhone is small because of this it is very light weighted.

And many other features which prefer you to buy this iPhone SE 2

Reason why should not prefer this iPhone SE 2 2020

Every blog will tell about the advantages of the iPhone SE 2 but very few blog will tell about the disadvantages of the iPhone SE 2. Here our team also discuss about its demerit and these demerit are as follows:

  1. The very small screen which should make you annoy in the future due to its small size
  2. Small in size as compare to other iPhones
  3. A waste to buy for the co-existing user as some features are similar to other iPhone
  4. Prefer other iPhone in comparison to the iPhone SE 2
  5. The iPhone SE 2 is just water-resistant and it is not waterproof, which means it can survive in water for a very short duration.
  6. No headphone jack is available

Where to Buy this iPhone online or offline?

There are many eCommerce websites available in the market and to chooses among the best website is difficult. Try to buy these services from trusted or well-known sites like Flipkart, Amazon, and many other websites that you have trust. Also, it is better to purchase this iPhone SE from its showroom where you can also get its physical touch while purchasing.

However, there is also a guarantee in online purchasing that you can replace your iPhone if your iPhone comes defective. But sometimes this process can cause time and according to a survey, customers will be more satisfied while purchasing it from the Apple store.

There is no big difference between offline and online purchase, the products are originated from the same place. It is up to the customer which method is suitable for him or her.


Overall the the new iphone se 2 is far better than older one. It is recommended to purchase as it has better function and smooth running. It also have long durable battery power. So feel free to have long drive with your iphone se 2.

For any further query text us below. Our well experienced staff will always be ready to guide you in such a direction.