How to make trending reels on Instagram?

One of the most aspired professions today is Instagram influencing, and thousands of youngsters and adults worldwide aspire to become successful influencers on Instagram. There was a time when only well-established celebrities ruled social media as well, but things have changed these few years. Numerous digital creators have made it big with Instagram and have an equal fan following as the other celebrities. One way to become a quick success on Instagram is by creating viral reels. Several influencers became an overnight success due to one viral reel. This brings us to the most important question – how to make trending reels on Instagram?

Whether you are a digital marketer handling the social media account of a brand or an influencer dreaming of establishing a personal brand, reels are a sure-short way to achieve it if you want to create an identity and reach a wider audience. However, there are hundreds of reels uploaded every hour, and what can you do to make your reel get a breakthrough in this herd of reels.

This blog highlights 11 tips to make a middle reel viral and prove a gamechanger for your professional or personal brand.

Tips to Make Trending Reels on Instagram

· Clear the Basics

If you are new to Instagram or have never made a reel yet, first understand the basics of creating a reel. Learn how to save trending songs on Instagram reels 2022 and use it in your reel, filters, slow-motions, and other essential features of the app used in making reels.

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· Remove Watermarks

In a recent report, Instagram has clarified that it will deprioritize content posted from other apps. Thus, if your reel has a watermark from any other video-making app such as TikTok or others, make sure to remove the app’s watermark before posting it.

There are many free tools available online that help you remove watermarks.

· Entertainment is the Key

Your reel must be entertaining to grab the viewer’s attention and make them see it completely. If your reel is boring at the start, no one will watch it till the end. Thus, whatever niche you are dealing in, make your reels quick and entertaining by jumping to the main point from the beginning.

The audio that you use in the reel plays a pivotal role in making it garner more views. Thus, making reels with original audio is fine, but a reel that uses one of the Trending Songs on Instagram Reels 2022 gathers more views than the one that does not.

· Use Every Second of a Reel

The pace is the underline in every reel that gets millions of views. Your reel must be quick to grab the audience’s attention and keep them hooked to the same. Whether your reel is for education or teaching, artistic, lip-sync a catalogue of products or anything else, ensure there are no lulls in action or unwanted pauses. You make good of every second in the reel.

· Keep It Quirky

Whether you are working on building a client’s brand or trying to establish your brand, let the real personality reflect in the reel. If you are working on client products, make sure the reel highlights the products’ USPs and the brand’s essence. If you are making reels on your own, let your personality flow in your reel, no matter the content. If you have a unique way of smiling, laughing or other gestures that might keep you alive in a viewer’s memory, utilize it. If comedy is not your forte, it is fine but make your reels fun and crazy for that uniqueness from the crowd.

· Vertical Videos in High Quality

Instagram prioritizes high-quality vertical videos; if your video is blurred, vertical, or blacked-out borders, this reel will never be prioritized. Thus, make vertical videos that are of high-resolution, clear and focused.

· Transformation Works Better

People feel happy and love seeing transformation in a reel’s short span. You might have noticed that good transformation reels are always trending, and most of your favourite reel-stars have achieved the current status due to the transformation videos they made at the beginning of their journey.

· Educational Reels are In

Today, social media is not just a means of entertainment; people love to learn new things or get information from it. If you are good at something, you can create informative reels captivatingly, and viewers will come back to see what new things you have to teach them. These reels can easily go viral and bring viewers that will stick with your reels for longevity until you give them new information in an entertaining package.

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There are new viral trends on reels every other day. Keep your eye on the explore page for the new trends, and immediately hop on it with your creative mind. Instant reels made on the viral sensation get millions of views, and are a good chance for you to get a breakthrough. The first ones to make reels on viral trends generally get the most views. Leverage this opportunity to achieve your dream of creating viral reels.

· Use the Hashtags

Use hashtags wisely! Hashtags are not just for fun; the proper use of hashtags can lift your reel and make it available to thousands of viewers worldwide. However, this is a delicate department, so use relevant hashtags and do not force hashtags with your reel to add them.

You are now ready to make trending reels on Instagram!

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