How to Make a Good Resume

July 10, 2021 By Prakash 0
How To Make A Good Resume

Writing a good resume is quite a big question, but with proper guidance, you will be able to draft a resume. So how do make a good resume? It is a document used in the hiring process. A good resume contains information about a person’s background, qualifications, and most important relevant information that helps the recruiter in the hiring process. It represents the good personality of a person. The resume is used to describe what work experience. If your resume is weak then you will not be able to impress the recruiter and might be setting a week or even month in a corner of your house before getting a single response. Opportunities arise unexpectedly and come in an uncertain way so a good resume should be ready in no time. In this blog, I am going to tell you how to make a good resume.

The following steps help to make a good resume.

Choosing Right Resume Format

It is of three types that are functional or skill-based, combination, and chronological format. Making a good resume depends on which job you are applying for and what your experience level is. 

A chronological format expresses the professional data of employees and good work experience and regular employment history. 

A functional format is good for those who are planning to switch from one industry to another industry and have gaps in employment history.

A combination format is made when work experience and qualification have equal importance. It is useful for those who have expertise in three or four fields simultaneously. For example, you are applying for a manager and the requirements are sales expertise, management, etc. It is the first step on how to make a good resume.

Choosing best Resume layout

The first thing a recruiter notice is an eye-catching layout. Is it assembled properly or cluttered? it is too long or short? Is it boring or interesting to read? Here are some tips on how to make a good layout.

It must includes

  • One page content : Try to include all your valuable content in one page and avoid going to the next page. If your information is really good then go for the next page otherwise keep only one page. The HR department has 1000+ resumes so they have no time to read your life story.
  • Use heading and subheading : As it helps recruiters to easily categorise and help them to understand easily.
  • Readable font: Use proper font as it will help to read easily.
  • Use PDF or Doc format. Try to use Pdf format as Doc format sometimes get messy and word goes here and there.

Resume Information

The third one how to make a good resume is providing relevant information to your resume. The heading should have the following information.

  • Contact information 
  • Professional and educational qualification
  • Work experience
  • Knowledge of different field
  • Hobbies
  • Reference
  • Language known

That will help the employer to quickly interview the job seeker.

Job Description

It is an important part of any resume. Elaborate your expertise and hard and soft skills. In which field you are an expert. How good you are at your work. Choose those fields which give high salaries and perks. Show yourself valuable in the description. But one thing to keep in mind. Never show off or give a life story as it does not do good in the resume. This is the fourth point on how to make a good resume.

Education Information with keywords

Show your qualification information using percentage or number to show marks or ranks as it shows that you are good in the academic year so you will do good for their organization also. Include any ward and leadership positions, team handling. It is the fifth one of how to make a good resume.

Be Honest

Always write truthful information as it helps in the long term. Writing any irrelevant information might give you trouble. Do not overstate the information as it will mislead the employer. This one is the sixth of how to make a good resume.

Add optional Section

If you have leftover white space on your resume then add some achievements and awards as it will help the employer to recruit you quickly and increase the chance of getting selected in how to make a good resume.

Don’ts Include Irrelevant Email

Do Not use Any number or special character in your mail id as it is difficult to read and write.

Don’t use many bullet

Using many bullets only shows dots not your information so avoid using many bullets. Limit it using 4-5 in a subheading.

Don’t Use personal Pronoun 

Use of Personal pronouns like ‘I, We, My, Our” shows arrogance so avoid as much as possible.


Overall above are given how to make a good resume. The following information will help to make a good and be effective when you will go to the interview. Employers want an attractive as they want quality, not quantity so above mentioned information will surely help to get recruited.