How to go live on tiktok?

December 20, 2021 By Sahil Dhyani 0
How to go live on tiktok

Tiktok is a famous video-creating app where everyone can create reels and upload them on their account portal. Users can like their reels as well as follow their favorite video creator ( tiktoker ). The process of creating a video on TikTok is Users lip-sync with audio playback, regularly uploading reels on tiktok may increase your followers and also help you to get fame. Many famous creators go live on tiktok regularly and answer their follower’s comments. To go live on tiktok there are some requirements you have to complete first. If you don’t know about the requirement to go live on TikTok then don’t worry we will discuss it in this blog. So be with us and let’s be ready to know about how to go live on tiktok.

What is the requirement for going live on tiktok?

Before knowing about how to go live on tiktok there are a few requirements to go live on tiktok. So, complete the requirement first. After completing you may be able to go live on tiktok. to know more about tiktok click on the link

  • The first requirement is age, you must be at least 16 years old to go live on tiktok.
  • And the second requirement is your followers, you have at least 1000 followers to go live on TikTok. After that, you will go live on tiktok.

How to go live on tiktok

After completing the requirements follow the steps to go live on tiktok.

  • Open your TikTok app ( Logged in necessary ).
  • Click on the plus icon on the bottom middle side.
go live on tiktok
  • Tap on the live button on the corner of the record button.
go live on tiktok
  • Write the title of your Livestream and then hit go live.

Note:- If you can’t see an option to go live then your account is not met with their requirements to access live features.

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How to earn money from TikTok?

There are so many ways to earn money from TikTok. But the most usable ways are:-

Tiktok creator fund:- In this option, you have to clear all the required criteria. After that TikTok will pay you money.

tiktok creator fund balance

Gifts:- This is also the best option, When you go live on tiktok users send gifts to you. Not physically, tiktok launched a feature called a gift, where users send gifts to their favorite tiktoker. You can easily exchange gifts for cash money.

tiktok gift into money

Sponsorship:- This method doesn’t require any criteria. You have to find the sponsors yourself and promote their product or other on your video and after that they pay you.

What is the requirement to earn money from TikTok?

To earn money directly from TikTok you must have passed the required criteria. After that, you can earn money from TikTok.

  • The first requirement is age, you must have at least 18 or higher.
  • And the second requirement to earn money is your followers, you have 10,000 followers to earn money from TikTok.
  • The third requirement is, you must have 100,000 views on your video in the last 1 month.

After reaching that criteria you are eligible to apply for the TikTok creator fund through the app.

Tips to increase your tiktok followers.

Increasing followers in tiktok are very easy. There are many apps or other ways to increase followers on tik tok. But today we discussed a real or genuine trick to increase followers on tiktok. Let’s get started:-

Use right hashtags:- By using the right hashtags(#) the chances of your video going viral is more. Your video is shown in the recommendation also. It helps to boost followers fast.

Engage with your audience:- Be active with other tiktok influencers like comment on their videos, like their videos, make duet videos with others. By engaging with others there are many chances for many people to know about your profile. Go live on tiktok from time to time and talk with your followers.

Identify your audience:- Before creating a tiktok video first identify your audience means the topic on which you are making the video will be liked by your audience or not. Which video viewers are watching more. Then create a video.

Keep track of trends:- Watch trending videos from time to time to see what is trending now. And then create videos on the same topic but add something new. This will also help to increase followers fast.

Run tiktok ads Campaign:- This is the last trick to increase your followers fast. Run ads campaigns on tiktok and share your video with everyone. But in this method, you have to spend some money to run ads campaigns.