How to fix the ping problem in battleground mobile India (BGMI)?

January 11, 2022 By Sahil Dhyani 0
How to fix ping problem in Pubg mobile or BGMI

Pubg mobile (Player Unknown Battle Ground) is one of the most famous online multiplayer games for all devices. In this game total of 100 people are enter a virtual world where they fight with other players with their teammates.

You can play this game with your friend by creating a Duo, or Squad. In 2020, the Indian government ban the Pubg mobile game due to the reason of Data privacy. But now, the krafton company comes with a new Pubg mobile clone named BGMI (battleground mobile India). Which have downloaded in millions very soon.

But the problem which was there before, we have got to see it even now. And the problem is the ping problem. If you play Pubg mobile or BGMI games before you better know what is ping and how it is necessary for our good gameplay.

If your ping is going high like from 400ms to 657ms then your game will start lag means not internally. You can’t pick up the items or anything else or not go anywhere.

Many users have slow internet connections that’s why they face high ping problems but many users have good internet connectivity but they also face this. In this game, if your ping is below 100ms then your game will run well and lag-free.

So, In this content, I will tell you the verified ways to get a better ping on your Pubg mobile, Pubg KR, Pubg Global, or BGMI (battleground mobile India) game that will work in all. So to resolve the issue our team finds and listed all the verified ways to fix the high ping problem.

How to fix high ping in Pubg mobile or BGMI (battleground mobile India)?

To fix the high ping problem in Pubg mobile or BGMI (battleground mobile India) follow the steps down below:

By Using VPN

VPN is the best method to control the ping. We have tried this trick ourselves and have got very good results. When sometimes a very high load on Pubg mobile or BGMI (battleground mobile India) servers you can face a high ping problem. Because the server can request too many multiple leads or user requests that’s why you face high ping rates. To avoid high ping rates simply change your server to a free local server by connecting any VPN. There are many free VPN in Google Play Store or web. You can choose anyone and check your ping is dropped or not.

By Closing Recent Apps or Background Apps

Closing recent apps

Before starting your Pubg mobile or BGMI (battleground mobile India) game first clear your backgrounds apps or recent apps. Because background apps take more ram storage or take data in the background whether you use that or not. This is also the main cause of the high ping issues. So, before starting your game first clear your all recent apps and check ping rates are maintained or not.

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By Disabling the Background Sync Option

battleground mobile India background data restrict

Use this if all upper tricks are not working. Disable your background sync option manually by going to

Settings > Apps > Pubg mobile > Mobile Data & Wifi > Turn off Background Data.

Settings > Apps > BGMI (battleground mobile India) > Mobile Data & Wifi > Turn off Background Data.

By Using Game Booster

Game booster for BGMI

Game booster is the very best app to reduce lag as well as ping. This app just clears your ram storage or removes junk files as well as stops the unwanted data taker app in the background and boosts any game you want. Many mobile phones give an inbuilt game booster to the user or many do not. If you don’t have any inbuilt game booster then you can simply download it with the play store. Some famous game boosters are listed below with work performance and ratings by our team.

By Using the Repair Option

Repair option in BGMI

You can use this by logging out of your account. When you log out, open your game again, and see a repair option on the top right corner of the login screen. Click on it but note that it will reset your all settings and configuration. So, think before using this option.

By Restarting Your Device

If any trick is not working the finally restart your phone once. By restarting your phone your all background apps or other file that takes data from the background is stoped. Now open your game and check the ping rates.

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Final Words

These all tricks are verified and our team checked this by ourselves or our regular visitors and they said it works. They said that there have been improvements is seen. You also try these verified methods on your Pubg mobile or BGMI (battleground mobile India) whatever you play and comment down your point below.