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How to Download Tik Tok videos on PC

TIK TOK comes with a never-ending stream of unique and fresh talent. It got the name TIK TOK after merging with another similar app named musically which was already gaining a great number of users before merging with TikTok. The app at first was only bought in China, but after the merger, it was made productively available to the rest of the world as well, and in no time, it rose to maximum popularity among the people. It is spread all around the globe with millions of content creators. Just like rumors in the air spread all over. Habit to  Download tik tok videos in popularity got induced. TikTok is a stockpile of bite-sized videos, it is not just entirely about lip-syncing or silly videos either.

What all you can find in tiktok videos?

It includes a lot of criteria among its video categories. As it has a wide range of videos, therefore you can employ the download functionality to, for instance, information that is useful for you and can be stored with you.TikTok can be used to make a variety of short-form videos. It allows ideas from different genres like comedy, dance, travel, education, and many more. It allows the user to form videos of duration  15 seconds to three minutes.TikTok is one of the most celebrated social media apps in the world right now.

Since the apps don’t have a native offline mode, you can download tik tok videos you like to watch thereafter when you are without an internet connection.TikTok was the most downloaded app, overtaking Facebook’s WhatsApp in the process. It also overtook YouTube for an average on-screen time in the UK and the US. To date, the app has over 2.6 billion downloads and only a few apps have managed to achieve that feat.TikTok has become a sensation within a very little span of time. In, you may just choose sharing videos instead of links on messaging apps.

Why should you download tik tok videos?

There are various reasons why you may want to opt for downloading a TikTok video. Since there are millions of tapes uploaded by the people on TikTok, some might get your attention. You may find them really engaging and you might want to keep it for coming use. The dopehead may find some engaging tapes and to find them again may take some time as the hunt diagnostic in TikTok isn’t elegant. Also, if the dopers don’t know who exactly posted that tape, it can take a really long time to find that tape again, so it makes sense to download TikTok tapes and save them on your phone.

Hence, we partake with you for a moment on how to download TikTok videos on a smartphone and a computer.

 STEPS: How to download tik tok videos 

How to download tik tok videos -  dowload tik tok videos

Step 1: Copy video URL

  •  Go to Tik-Tok website.
  • Locate your video.
  • Tap the “Share” button.
  • Tap the “Copy Link” button to save the video URL to the clipboard of your system.

Step 2: Search the video

  • Go to save
  • Paste the URL into the search box.
  • Click on the input box and right tap the “Paste” button on the drop-down menu.
  • Tap the “Search” button

Step 3: Download the video/audio

Download the video/audio - Download tik tok videos
  • Click on the “Download” button to save your video locally, or else 
  • Click on the “DropBox” button to save the video to your DropBox account, or else
  • Tap the “QR Code” button, scan it with your mobile phone, and gutch the video on your phone.
  • The video is located in your system default one or your selected folder. 
  • for example, the “Downloads” folder in Windows.

How to download TikTok videos on PC

Unlike the mobile apps, the download option is not available on PC and Macs for the tik tok videos downloading. So you will have to use a third-party app to download tik tok video to your personal computer. One of these is QOOB CLIP. which is a tik tok downloader desktop app allowing all the users to download various tik tok videos to their personal systems. This is basically available for mac, windows, and Linux, thus offers many features such as caption saving, auto downloader tool, hashtag downloader, and even account downloader. 

How to download videos from tik tok on PC utilizing SSS Tik Tok

How to download videos from tik tok on PC utilizing SSS Tik Tok - Download tik tok videos

There are some tik tok downloader websites from which you can choose your operator. 

one of which is SSSTikTok, to download a tik tok tape. You can make your  Mac and your PC download a tik tok video. so now I’m on the SSS tiktok webpage. you can also continue keeping your tik tok tab open in a separate window. Now, catch the tok Tok’s video link by clicking the share button and then opt for the copy link option. After you get the link copied to your system clipboard. open the SSS tik tok webpage. And paste the URL into the box given, now. Tap on the download option provided. then it asks you for your choice of quality of download, you can either download it as a video or an MP3 as an audio file. After all this, the tik tok video now will be downloaded to your systems “downloads”  folder. 

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How to Download tik tok videos on PC with a Browser Extension

Alternatively, you can also add google chrome extensions named Advanced downloader for tiktok and exit the slow process of copy-paste. First, you have to download this chrome extension and then refresh it with your tik tok webpage. and After this, you will again receive an option to download the tik tok video appearing underneath the report button when you move across the video on a webpage. Simply tap on the download button. Now the video will be downloaded to your computer system.   

Sharing download TikTok Videos From Your mobile to Your PC

Sharing download TikTok Videos From Your mobile to Your PC - Download tik tok videos

So, in the end, when you don’t want to add an extension to your chrome to download tik tok videos. You have to use third-party websites. just to download tik tok videos on pc, there are so many options. Now you can even download the tik tok videos on your smartphones and then transfer them to pc. There are no. ways for doing this. You can also upload the downloaded files from your system. To the cloud services such as google photos, one drive, I cloud, google drive provided by Google. Which will help you see the downloaded videos on your system. Instantly, you can send them to your computer system via email. Any kind of attached storage device. And even Bluetooth here can also be used at a certain level to transfer.  

Using TikTok on Multiple Devices

Tiktok is a home place for many interesting videos, but the simple problem with this. They are bound to certain restrictions that you may just want to save to your PCs and desktop. And other digital devices. By using these methods you can easily download tik tok videos that come amongst your favorites to your computers.

Step 1: open tik tok in your mobile, lappy, smartphones, etc. And just select the file of the tik tok video you want to download. 

Step 2: Play the video you wish to download. Copy the link of this video from the address bar. 

Step 3: You can visit musicaldown and paste the video link in the search box. 

Step 4: Then, click on download’. 

Step5: Now on the next screen, select ‘Download mp4 now’ followed by selecting ‘Download video’ on the same screen. 

Step 6: You can also visit Your computer to download a TikTok video. 

Step 7: Now, simply paste the link in the search bar. Tap the ‘get video button’ to go forward.

Step 8: so, these procedures and download tik tok videos.  

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There are so many online websites that let you download tik tok videos. One of its examples elaborated above is A powerful online tik tok video downloader tool designed especially for making people save videos from tik tok. It is the easiest amongst the rest tools for anyone ultimately wanting to download tik tok videos.  

That also in a superb well-defined quality MP4 format. This tik tok video downloader helps you to download the original tik tok video with a watermark. No-watermark according to your choice of preference. This also supports downloading of tik tok videos as an audio file in either converted MP3 or MP4A format. Here as you put up the copied link to the search bar the operator automatically accommodates. As their server processes the link and extracts the download links for the viewer. Then easily just click on the download option to download tik tok videos of your choice.  

 We hope you find our information important and get the tik tok video download easily.