How to delete game pigeon on iOS 15 or above easily?

How to Delete Game Pigeon Game, This question comes to the mind of everyone who is an iPhone user, if you do not know what is Game Pigeon, then we tell you. Game Pigeon is an iMessage game for iOS users that allows iPhone users to play 20+ interactive games with their friends via the iPhone message app. It’s a multiplayer game with a total of six members allowed to play a game at the same time.

You can play it with your friends, relatives, boyfriend, girlfriend or your family members. If you have an iPhone or iPad it doesn’t matter. You can play games on both devices. In this app basketball, chess, mini-golf or many other games are available and you can play them freely.

But after some time when we think about removing the app, we can’t do it. Then it’s hard to find how to delete game pigeon and we search on the web about how to delete game pigeon. So, here keeping your point in mind, our team has found its solution. Read below points where we cover how to delete game pigeon step by step.

How to delete game pigeon on iOS 10 or above?

It is not that difficult to remove Game Pigeon, there are just a few simple steps that anyone can follow to remove Game Pigeon game from their iPhone device. Don’t worry this method is verified or tested by our team. We have tested it on iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 and it works. Follow the steps to delete game pigeon on your iOS device:-

  • Open your iPhone message app.
  • Click on any message (but the condition is the message received from the other iPhone user).
  • Select the app icon by swiping right to left.
  • Click on more options.
  • And then select Game Pigeon and swipe it to the left from right.
  • Tap on delete.
  • And the game is deleted.

How to download game pigeon on iPhone?

If you are fed up with Game Pigeon, deleted it from your iPhone device and now want to bring it back, then don’t worry, you can reinstall it on your iPhone by using some simple steps. To download a game pigeon on your iOS or iPad device above OS/iOS 10 follow the steps given below:-

Open your iOS App store.

  • Click on the search bar and write “Game Pigeon”.
  • Click on “Get” and confirm it.
  • And done “Game Pigeon” is installed on your iMessage app.

How to play the game pigeon on Mac, iPhone or iPad?

You can play games on the iMessage app with your friends who have iPhone or iPad:-

  • Open your iMessage app.
  • And choose the person by contact you want to play with.
  • Tap on the “Game Pigeon” icon at the bottom and choose any game you want to play.
  • And then tap on the send button.
  • The person you choose for playing games will be notified by a message. If he or she accepts the invitation you can play a game together.

Final Words

iOS developers give you the best apps or games to enjoy games while chatting with friends with the help of Game Pigeon. In my view, this feature is good, but there is a downside that we cannot enjoy this feature with friends if someone else doesn’t have an iPhone or iPad. Many people are enjoying this game but some people are bored with this game. And they are thinking of removing the game Pigeon game from their devices. Therefore, our team has written this content for those people who want to know how to delete game pigeon from their devices.

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