Read On to Know How to Change Your Spotify Password Instantly!

If you have never heard of Spotify yet, which planet have you landed from? It is a digital video, music, and podcast service that provides you access to an eclectic range of songs and content from all around the globe. The service is available in a free as well as a premium version. So if you are about to open an account on Spotify or already have one and are baffled about the app’s basic features, we got your back. This blog highlights how to change your Spotify password instantly without any long steps.

How to change your Spotify password?

Spotify is one of the most common and widely used music streaming platforms, and irrespective of whether the account is free or premium, most young adults and teens have an active account on Spotify. It will not be an overstatement to say that Spotify has changed how we listen to music.

However, another undeniable fact is that with the increasing number of apps and services on our devices, the number of passwords that we need to note has also plunged. You are lying if you tell me you have never forgotten a password. The immediate option is available in case you forget a password is resetting password.

Apart from this, there are other reasons why someone needs to change their password. Firstly, the previous password might be too difficult to remember, or someone else has cracked your password, and for your account and payment history’s safety, it is crucial to set up a new one.

Whatever your reason for changing your Spotify password, we have enlisted some of the easiest ways to do so.

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Ways to change a Spotify password?

You can change the password of a Spotify account with the browser or a reset link. Let us understand these ways at length.

Change the Spotify password with the browser.

In the first place, visit your Spotify account and click on your profile icon present at the top-right of the screen. Now, select the option ‘’Account’’ to access this page.

Based on how you have created your Spotify account, you will notice different things on this page. On the left sidebar of the account, you will have a ”Change Password” button if you have created this account with an email address and an encrypted password.

Then, click on the ”Change Password” option and enter your current Spotify password. You should now enter your new password in the field that reads ”New Password”. Once done, you should now enter the New Password in the field that reads ‘’Repeat Password’’. Lastly, click on the ‘’Set New Password’’ button. Follow the image below for a better understanding.

You will now see a message that reads ‘’Password Updated’’ has popped on your screen. This means that you have successfully changed your Spotify account password.

Like other applications, Spotify has arranged for users who have forgotten their existing passwords and want to access their accounts. You can reset a forgotten password of a Spotify account with a reset link from the registered email address.

Follow these steps to reset a Spotify account password with a reset link:

  • First, visit the Spotify website from your mobile or computer to initiate the process. Then, click the login button on the top right side.
  • On the login page, exactly below the ‘’Password’’ section is a ‘’Forgot your Password’’ option. Click on this option.
  • Now, a ‘’Password Reset’’ page will appear. Type your registered email address or Spotify username in the ”Email Address or Username” field. Next, verify the captcha and click on the ”Send” button.
  • Go to the inbox of the registered email address and search for a mail from Spotify. Open this mail, and click the ‘’Reset Password’’ link in the mail.
  • Now, you will be taken to Spotify’s ”Reset Password” page, and there, enter a new password in the ”New Password” field. Next, enter this new password in the ”Repeat New Password” field. Lastly, confirm the captcha and press ”Send”.
  • A ”Password Updated” message will appear as your new password is applied successfully to your account. With your new password, you can now easily log in to your Spotify account from any device.

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Final Words

Advancement in technology has led to a wide range of applications and services. As a result, the number of usernames and passwords an individual with smart devices has to remember has also doubled. In this circumstance, only those applications and services that offer easy options for setting a new password or resetting a password in case of forgetting the current one are successful. In a contrasting situation, users generally do not bother to go to an app or service again if they have complicated basic features.

Fortunately, Spotify is one of the most eminent music streaming platforms on the planet, and rightly so, owing to its easy features. For example, changing or resetting a password on Spotify is equally simple. Once you try changing or resetting your Spotify password, you will never need to search – for how to change your Spotify password again.

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