How to change name on Yelp?

It is sometimes difficult to find local businesses if you are located anywhere around the world. Yelp is built for that time. Yelp is a common business directory platform where you find any local business information easily. In simple language yelp is a local guide for users to find the place for eating, drinking, playing, relaxing, or shops.

Yelp has over 100 million reviews on many businesses situated worldwide. If you are looking for something like a pizza shop that is open right now or a coffee shop near you then yelp will help to find it easily. On yelp completing your profile is mandatory for every user. When you create an account on Yelp then you have an option to customize your profile, including change name on Yelp, location, profile picture.

If you already completed your Yelp profile and now you want to change name on Yelp account like first name, last name or even a username then here are the steps to how you can do that.

How to Change Name On Yelp?

To change name on Yelp account follow the steps below:

  • Open your web browser (any).
  • And go to the Yelp official website.
  • Log in with the credentials of your account.
  • After login, click on your profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Click on “Account Settings” when a drop-down appears.
  • Below your profile image Enter your new name.
  • After entering your new name hit the save button.

How to Change Nickname On Yelp?

  • Open your web browser (any).
  • And go to the Yelp official website.
  • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Click on “Account Settings” when a drop-down appears.
  • Below your profile image Enter your Nickname.
  • After entering your Nickname hit the save button.
  • Your nickname looks like this on your profile.

How to update business information on Yelp?

The first priority of every business should be a well-maintained profile as well as updating the business information correctly. Because when consumers are in need of any product or any type of service then the biggest thing stopping them is not accurate information. By taking a short survey of online businesses, 90% of people said they are frustrated because of incorrect business information. So now you know the value of a complete, updated or accurate business profile.

To update your business profile on yelp you have to start with claiming your business page. After claiming logged in with your credentials and then click on business information. After that follow the steps below:

Update business information through Yelp business website

  • Open your browser and go to the business information section.
  • Click on Edit or Add any.
  • After changing details click on the save button to save your changes.

Update business information through Yelp business app

Open yelp business app.

And then tap on the biz info button at the bottom navigation bar.

Tap on the pencil icon to edit your information.

After changing the details click on save to save the changes.

What information should I change on my yelp business account?

A fully completed profile is the most useful and biggest benefit to gain more attraction of customers and one or two steps forward from our competitors. So why not take advantage to get more reach. There are some free tools by which if you use them then your business presence is completely different from your competitor.

Business Info

On the business info side, you have to upload your basic business info like your website, address, menu, services, business name, phone number and more. It depends on your business category.

Category & Services

We all know that a category or service is very useful for every business owner. It helps to show your product label wise. It also helps for a consumer to understand better about your business or services like what you offer to your consumers like gardening to car repair services. This information is shown in front of your Yelp business profile so that consumers have to find your service fast or easily without going deep into your profile.

Hours / Timing

Hours or Timing is also very important for every business. It plays an essential role in every business. Let’s assume if you do not add timing on your business then how a consumer knows that your business is open right now or any other day. And another reason to add timing on your business profile is if someone searches for any product or services by using an open now or available filter then your profile is not showing to the person because you don’t have added your business timing on your profile. So, think if you can’t add timing on your business profile you lose a consumer or a user.

What are the features of Yelp?

Yelp is very useful if on your lifestyle and its feature are:

  • You can discover more great local businesses.
  • You can search nearby shops, restaurants, and many services.
  • You can read millions of reviews about all businesses before taking any service.
  • You can know more and understand better by seeing photos.
  • You can look up the address or phone number of the company.

Final Words

I hope you understand how to change name on Yelp. Yelp is very useful for finding any local business. You can search all types of business in it. But the positive point on Yelp is if we are using any service then first we read its reviews. If you are a business owner then Yelp is also helpful to you. If you are a business owner then I recommend you first complete your business profile.


How can I change my name on yelp?

1. To change your name on Yelp then you have to:
2. Click on your profile.
3. And then click on the Account Settings.
4. Click on the new name and enter your new name.
5. After that click on save to save changes.

Can I add a nickname on Yelp?

Yes, you can do that. You can add any nickname you want. To add a nickname on your Yelp account go to Account Settings > Name > Enter Your New Name > Save.

Where is my Yelp profile URL?

Open your browser and log in to the Yelp website by using your login credentials. Copy the URL from the search bar.

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