Top 8 Whiteboard Animation software in 2021( Free & Paid)

November 9, 2021 By Anup Choudhary 0
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If you are finding a way to make the presentation awesome and you are going to PPT, PDF or general videos, etc. then you are choosing the wrong option for your best presentation because now people spend a lot of time watching entertaining videos. We are talking about online videos rather than TV episodes. The research says that 18 out of 20 people prefer video for their entertainment purpose. So in this blog, we will talk about the best whiteboard animation software. This software helps to bring your story or ideas to life and this is the most effective method of video representing to the viewers. So let’s discuss some free whiteboard animation software. 

Why whiteboard animation software important? 

Whiteboard Animation video is the explainer video software or it is generally used for selling or describing things. Whiteboard animation gives life to your ideas and helps to boost the attention or retention of your audience but now it is mostly used by educational and describing youtube videos to get more views on their videos.

Why do we use whiteboard animation software?

  • This is mobile-friendly 
  • Available at a very less price
  • Very easy or quick method to remember things
  • That looks eye-catching and brings the viewer’s attention to the content.
  • Best way to give a lot of information clearly and simply
  • It has a higher rate of convocation

If you are looking for a good way to advertise your product or service then you can use this best way to promote your product. 

The best 8 free or paid whiteboard animation software

So we are going to discuss some free or paid whiteboard animation software. Their function, features, price, and important roles. 

1. Doodly 

Doodly is the famous or top lovable paid whiteboard animation software. Which offers super quality animation. In this, we have large numbers of choices like a whiteboard, green board, even glass board animation. Its great opportunity is its custom drawing (modern draw) with the help of this you can draw any character according to your mood and interest but it takes some time but the result will be best. There are two types of plans to buy in the Doodly starting from $20 per month and Doodly has a larger group on Facebook of more than 80,000 members and they provide full support and advice on creating the whiteboards animation of your choice.

Advantages of using Doodly

  • The software was available for both Mac or Windows. 
  • Features of voice record over
  • Custom draw path
  • more then 2,500 pre-made doodles
  • Easy to customize or edit for new users
  • The software includes several fonts PNG, JPEG, and audio files. 

Disadvantages of using Doodly

  • The feature of video readying is very slow 
  • For editing or running the software, you want a regular and good internet connection.  

2. Animaker

Another software is free for animations its name is Animaker. This software can be used in various ways and is very easy to use for everyone. This software supports a few characters and charts, animated maps, etc. you have the permission to develop 720 animated videos. Animaker is the free whiteboard animation software. 

Advantages of Animaker

  • Wide range of infographics to use 
  • Easily customized features are available
  • Per- made template helps to generate many ideas  
  • You can add text, images, or effects to make animation better

Disadvantages of Animaker

  • Take lots of time to preview the animation videos

3. VideoScribe

This is also another big platform for animation. Some many high-profile companies use this software for their personal use like BBC and World Bank Group. In this, you have huge big files of free images more than 7000 that are already animated. VideoScribe has three plans offers monthly, yearly, one-off. The charge is $12 per month and 7 days free trial. 

Advantages of VideoScribe

  • 7 days free trial to everyone
  • More than 7000 animated images for use 
  • Have an option to record over the voice
  • Option for both window and Mac
  • Use for both personal or commercial

Disadvantages of VideoScribe 

  • Lots of basic features 
  • If you are using the free version then you can’t remove the watermark

4. Vyond

Vyond is excellent software for both experts or casual whiteboard animation software. There are lots of options of templates, audio, images you can use according to your need, and free customize the character, models, and extra object according to your need. In this, you can create a dull character by talking about characters.

Advantages of Vyond

  • 14 days free trial for new use
  • You can create your own doodles
  • Have an option to record over the voice
  • Its software is a browser-based
  • Plan per month $25.

Disadvantages of Vyond

  • Expensive for new users

5. Explaindio

Explaindio is the best software because it offers 2D/3D animated video editing and it is the heart of whiteboard animation software. In this, you can create a wide range of animated videos and 800 doodle images (black and color) there is also the option to import your own image or full-motion videos features, HD capabilities, good-looking themes, and lots of audio for the users. 

Advantages of Explaindio

  • By using this software you can make unlimited videos in your life
  • Very easy to use don’t require any expert
  • Friendly for newcomers
  • Plan per year $67 
  • 800 plus doodles options

Disadvantages of Explaindio

  • This software is very slow so not suitable for experts. 

6. Renderforest

This is free software for sketch animation. It allows the users to present their story creation. It is also used by all sizes of business industry for their personal or advertisement or best software for shorts videos, educational PPT, etc. this software program is based on the cloud-based. This means we don’t need a heavy desktop to run the software or a special feature is that allows you to edit all things which you forget earlier. 

Advantages of Renderforest 

  • Gives you 300MB of free storage capacity
  • More than 1000 whiteboard scene 
  • You can Add color image
  • Free software to use and online color editing 

Disadvantages of Renderforest 

  • Less number of images for an option
  • Not for expert users 

7. Powtoon 

If you are looking for free or fast software then Powtoon is the best option for whiteboard animation videos or this software is also best for a short video. It has large numbers of images or if you are new in this field then this software is best for you because it gives all information or major steps to make the best animation videos. you can use this software free for 3 min videos and 100MB storage capacity. 

Advantages of Powtoon 

  • In this, you can use royalty music
  • Free object or videos for use 

Disadvantages of Powtoon

  • Not free for long video makers 

8. Easy Sketch Pro

This software is best or known as beauty software for animation. In this, you have the option of choosing a graphic quality and after uploading the video this software auto-correct the effects and improves the quality of your animation. This has three plans starter, business, and business pro. In starter, the plan: includes uploading images, 50 hands, and pen designs with a bottom watermark. Second business plan: for removable of watermark you can use this plan $67 one-time fee. Third plan: 12,000 premium images and soundtrack for $360. 

Advantages of Easy Sketch Pro

  • Easy to drag the images or sketch from anywhere
  • Build videos or stop-animation concepts from scratch
  • East to edit text, images, sketches and etc

Disadvantages of Easy Sketch Pro

  • You have to buy this software 
  • No professional instruction for animation creation 

Our suggestion 

We show you the eight best lists of best paid/free whiteboard animation software. Whether you are creating a short video, series, graphic, and free downloads, or can choose software according to your need and purpose. If you want a high response in your work then you can prefer Doodly, Animaker, Easy Sketch Pro, or if you are new or going to easy process so you can prefer Powtoon, Renderforest, Explaindio, Vyond these are the best for newcomers and learners. So choose the best software according to our working purpose.