6 Best VPN Services in 2021 for PC, Phone, MAC-100% SECURE

November 1, 2021 By Anup Choudhary 0
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Thievery is common in today’s digital world. So protecting the data is our topmost priority during the COVID-19 pandemic the working system changed permanently.

The restriction on working are abolished day by day but the business is not running as it work before or due to COVID-19. In America, over 70 million people choose to sign in from their homes, coffee shops, and other unprotected places, and now our all work depends on the web(connected with the whole world) it means online security is very important.

A VPN (a virtual private network) is one of from cheapest ideas to secure from online danger. If you are using a simple PC, MAC, phone. Using unprotected apps or illegal websites is the main cause for hacking But in this emerging digital market, you will find different types of paid/free VPN according to your needs. If you are facing problems related to the best VPN for your job so don’t worry we are here to help you find the best VPN 2021.

You should notice these few things for the best free VPN like speed, streaming, security, and last value of money. So let me begin with the topic of the 6 best VPNs for desktops, phones, or phones with 100% security. 

What is a VPN?

This is the very easiest way to hide your activity from ISP and anyone else who might be watching including the government, hackers, and other third people. This also allows you to ban illegal sites on your PC, MAC, or smartphones and avoid networking throttling.

For example. If youtube or Facebook is banned in your schools, colleges, or other places. You can open the app by choosing any VPN given below. 

So get a depth look at the best VPN 2021

1. Nord VPN

Nord VPN

This company is known for its best VPN service or strong position in the market and for its aggressive security features. The registration of this company is Panama or its support in windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Apple TV, etc or it has large numbers of servers & location 5,280+; 80+ locations across 59 countries. 

Price plan of Nord VPN

  • 2 year plan= $3.30 + 3 month free
  • 1 year plan= $4.92
  • 11 Month plan = $11.95


  • Trusted brand name 
  • Large numbers of servers around the whole world 
  • Strong security system 
  • Quick speed 
  • Cryptocurrencies and cash accepted 


  • Ip address share
  • Open VPN connection is not user friendly 

2 Express VPN

Express VPN

This is the trusted best VPN software is on the top spot on the many tested with unlimited speed. It is Consumer-friendly or easy to set up or maintain. This app will provide you with all the major services which you want or it has some unique features like split-tunneling or using their own server. The country of registration is the British Virgin Islands and have large numbers of servers and locations 3,000+ 160+ location across 94 countries and 5 maximum device support ( it can be increased if you install Express VPN on your router) with 24/7 live chat or 30 days money-back guarantee and well known for its best VPN service.  

Price plan of Express VPN

  • 12 months plan= $6.67
  • 6 months plan= $9.99
  • I months plan= $12.95


  • Focused on consumer 
  • East to use or consumer-friendly 
  • Available for every device like desktop, MAC, iOS, etc.
  • Hard reputation in the market 
  • High rated security


  • There are no VPN services for business
  • Expensive with other apps

3. Surfshark

Surfshark VPN

This app is the best VPN for those who are only looking for security and privacy purpose or this app winner the award because it offers incredible service at a very reasonable price. It has 4th ranked 357 VPN service provider companies. It has 3200+ servers with several locations 100+ in 65 countries. 24/7 live chat with 30 days money-back guarantee.

Price plan of Surfshark

  • 24 months= $2.49
  • 6 months= $6.49
  • 1 months= $12.95


  • Best value for the price 
  • With unlimited connection device 
  • Private DNS
  • Double VPN facility
  • Best customer support 
  • Built-in ad-blocker 


  • Not a very large network
  • Moderately reducing in a particular region

4. Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear

This is the best VPN for those who have never used any VPN service because it is very easy to use. This app ranked in second place in the features list with an affordable price. If you are a learner then it is the best VPN for starting a career. Tunnel bear has Canada registration or it supports macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux. It has large numbers of 1,000 servers+ in 41 countries. 

Price plan of Tunnel Bear 

  • 3 year= $3.33
  • 1 year= $4.99
  • 1 month= $9.99


  • Design for beginners 
  • Available at a low price 
  • For both individual and team 
  • Also offers free plans 
  • Transparent service 


  • May share your data or personal information with the government 
  • No phone or no customer support 

5. Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost

This VPN is famous for its special features like security, reliability, affordable price, and fully loaded with features and the server is very fast. It has 7000 servers in the 90 countries’ secure servers. This app is user-friendly and works almost all devices like Android phones, iPhones, Mac, iOS, desktops, laptops, etc. it registration country is Romania and comes in the category of best VPN apps. 

Plan of Cyber Ghost

  • 2 Years= $2.25
  • 6 Month= $6.39
  • 1 Month+ $12.99


  • World wide server facility 
  • A large number of features
  • Within 45 days money back guaranty 
  • Design for both beginner or expert 


  • Create struggle to enter iplayers 
  • The interface could be better 

 6. IP Vanish

IP Vanish VPN

This is the app That offers all key features at a low price and the best security features. Which improves the streaming, gaming, etc. It comes in the category of safest or best VPN service provider. It offers users to use the unlimited option of connection and get the main operating system. This means at a single time you can secure all your system by using the same VPN service. IP vanish was the best VPN for security purposes or fast speed, with a great price, if in the future you face any problem in VPN then solve your problem on the live chat and its customer service serves, more than 1,600 and 75+ 52 countries.  

Plan of IP Vanish

  • 1 year= $3.20
  • 1 month= $10.99


  • Outstanding price plans
  • Great support of live chat
  • large  numbers of connections
  • Best for security and privacy 


  • The wire guard is missing 
  • In this, you can’t unblock the prime, iplayer