How to Fix YouTube Error 400

January 1, 2020 By TechWorldMe 0
YouTube error 400

YouTube is the world’s most popular video streaming website. And billion people are connecting here, so it is quite obvious that users face problems in using YouTube sometimes. Users face many errors like YouTube 400 error, YouTube error 401, YouTube error 404, YouTube error, YouTube error 500, and many other errors as well. In this article, we mainly discuss the YouTube error 400 that comes when your client has issued a malformed to any illegal request to your device.

To solve this problem we get a deep knowledge of this YouTube Error 400 and try to fix it in every possible manner. However, if you are still facing any problems you can comment below. Our technically qualified team will try to help you.

How To Fix YouTube error 400

There have 5 effective methods to fix YouTube 400 error

Method#1 – Clear The Cache From Your Browser to fix YouTube 400 error

Clearing the cache and cookies will 90% will help you to remove this Youtube error 400. Mainly the malformed and illegal requests are in cache or cookies.

Clearing the cache also helps you in better speed for the YouTube and timely clearance of cache or cookies will result in a better speed of the device. Here in the below line, I explain the path to clear the cache.

Google Chrome> Setting> Privacy and Security> Clear Browsing Data> Select Cached images and files> Click Clear Browsing Data

If this method will not work, then you can simply go for the second method. Mainly this YouTube error 400 comes from these two methods.

Method#2 – Fix YouTube Error 400 Clear The Cookies For YouTube from Your Browser

You can simply delete the cookies just like cache but the main demerit of deleting the cookies is you will lose your browser data and to prevent this losing data. You can simply clear the YouTube cookies. By these steps you can clear these YouTube cookies:

  • Click on the Menu Bar in your browser and go to the Settings option.
  • We have identified this method to work 100% of the time, the main demerit is that it logging you out of your YouTube account.
  • Scroll down, and you will see the Advanced option at the bottom, click on it.
  • In the Advanced option choose the Content Settings option which you will discover under Privacy and Security and move to the Cookies and click on it.
  • You will discover every one of the cookies that are stored. Search for the Youtube cookies by pressing ctrl+ F. At that point, every one of the cookies identified with Youtube will have appeared, click on Remove All and all the YouTube cookies will be deleted. Close your program and restart your system.
  • Here is the path to delete these cookies 
    • Go to the Menu Bar > Settings > Advanced > Content Settings > Cookies > Type Youtube in search bar > Remove > Restart

Method#3 – Switch To The Incognito Mode In Your Browser/ Try Resetting The Browser Settings

If these two above functions will not work well. There is another 3 method that you can perform. However, you can simply view the YouTube video in the Incognito tab.

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On the off chance that Youtube couldn’t open a video for you, another basic option is going into incognito mode. Going into incognito mode can help if there are issues with your Chrome settings. 

  • Reset it by going into the advanced settings. 
  • From the Menu Bar of your browser or chrome go into the Settings.
  • At the bottom, you will locate the Advanced option, click on it. You will get a Reset option at the end in the Advanced settings.
  • Click on this and confirm Reset.

Method#4 – Replace The Direct Link To The Video With Video ID

The above three methods will surely help you in fixing the YouTube error 400 but if you still hanging with this problem. Another solution is given below:

It is very easy to discover a YouTube video ID. Go to the YouTube web page, and you will see the URL of that page. At the end of the Url, you will find a link after the sign of equal (=) and that sign is your Youtube Video ID

Also, you can find this answer on the YouTube help forum. To fix this you can simply check whether the URL is correct or incorrect.

Method#5 – Reinstall Chrome

After trying the above 4 options or methods, the chances are very less that you will have to take another step of reinstalling your Chrome browser. Sometimes an extension can mess with your browser and either cause conflicts or corrupt it. For this, the user can also prefer to clean up that not only clears the malicious request from the browser but also from your PC as well.

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However, in such cases, reinstalling the browser is the trusted way to get rid of this annoying error once and for all. And sometimes these are methods are not in use then we were confused to what do, in that case, you should restart your phone or check the network setting, is it off? Make sure your date and time are correct on the phone, but this will not create a big issue.