What is ethical hacking

October 11, 2021 By Prakash 0
What is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking Sounds good na, I know this field is very interesting. If you know a little bit of info about this career then you are also excited about reading this content. So, first, talk about what is ethical hacking. Ethical hacking is a process of detecting any type of vulnerabilities or other loopholes in an application, system, or organization’s framework that an attacker can use to exploit an individual or organization. 

This process is done to prevent cyber attacks and security breaches by finding the weak points or loopholes by hacking the system legally. An ethical hacker’s duty is to follow the steps and thinking process of a cyber attacker or malicious attacker to gain access or test the security level.

All hackers whether they are ethical hackers or attackers follow the same process steps to hack a system or devices. They mainly use 5 steps to breach a system or network. The ethical hacking process starts with looking for exploiting vulnerabilities, how to access the system, or any other method to gain system access.

Concepts of ethical hacking

Ethical hackers follow these guidelines or protocols before doing any process:

  • Be legal:- Take permission before doing any further activity or obtain proper approval before accessing or performing any activity.
  • Under rule:- Ethical hackers’ work is legal and within the boundaries range.
  • Report vulnerabilities:- Notify the organization, and the owners of the app and show all discovered vulnerabilities or guide him/her on how to resolve them.
  • Data Sensitivity:- On the behalf of data sensitivity ethical hackers have to agree to not distribute or misuse the details.

How many types of Hackers?

There are three types of hackers in the industry the names are given below:-

White Hat Hacker

White Hat Hackers use their knowledge to save the system or security breach. They perform the attack under the law and take permission before attacking a system. It works under the rules of ethical hacking.

White Hat Hacker - Ethical Hacking

Black Hat Hacker

Black Hat Hackers are also known as malicious hackers who perform an attack on a system when they find vulnerabilities they misuse this information for its personal affair or fun purpose. They use their knowledge in illegal ways and they do not follow any laws or guidelines.

Black Hat Hacker - Ethical Hacking

Grey Hat Hacker

Now a Grey Hat Hacker, Grey Hat Hacker is not legal or not illegal they use both knowledge or tricks like an all-rounder. They do an attack by following the rule and regulations as well as if required then they will not follow the rule or guidelines to perform an attack.

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Grey Hat Hacker- Ethical Hacking

Difference between Ethical or malicious hackers?

  • Ethical hackers use their knowledge for good purposes like securing the system or how to improve the technology of an organization but malicious hackers use their knowledge to break the security breach of an organization.
  • They offer these types of services to associations by searching for weaknesses that can hurt a security break and malicious hackers utilize this data to break the framework with the assistance of weaknesses.
  • Ethical hackers report the identified vulnerabilities to the organization or owner but malicious hackers misuse this information.
  • Ethical hackers provide full advice to the organization on how to resolve the issue or re-check it now the issue is fixed or not.

A malicious hacker’s main motive is to gain unauthorized access and use it for personal affairs or financial gain. Some malicious hackers crash the website servers for fun or financial loss by tempering the backend servers. 

What skills are required to be an ethical hacker?

Ethical hackers have no answer when it comes to skills. An ethical hacker should have wide or deep knowledge about computer skills. They create their own program to access or save the system. Ethical hackers know many computer programming languages and use this knowledge for fair purposes.

The main key point should all ethical hackers have:-

  • Become an expert in script or programming language
  • Now very well about Database Skills
  • Know about Linux skills
  • Know about Network skills
  • And the main reverse engineering tactics
  •  Know about the operating system

Why should I learn hacking?

Hacking is the best career opportunity to become rich in a legal way or in an illegal way. If you learn hacking then you can hack any system or app but first deep or perfect knowledge is a must. It fully depends on you how you use your knowledge in legal or illegal ways. In my opinion, going the legal way means becoming an ethical hacker because ethical hackers’ future is bright and their salary is also high. It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or fresher but your knowledge matters.

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On the other hand, if you choose illegal ways then you become rich fast but one-day cyber cells catch you, and then you already know about that. So be loyal and do hacking in a legal way.

Techniques of a Hacker

Ethical hackers generally do the same techniques or skills that malicious hackers do. They both use reverse engineering to perform a hacking process and find vulnerabilities in the system or app. But malicious hackers misuse the information or ethical hackers perform an attack on a client’s behalf. Some best ethical hacking techniques are given below:-

Port Scanning tools

Scanning ports to find vulnerabilities using Nmap, Nessus, Wireshark, or other tools and when any vulnerability is found then quickly inform the organizations to resolve or fix the issue.

Patch Scanning

The patch Scanning process is to be sure that the updated software has no vulnerabilities. Developers update their apps or systems from time to time to save the system from hackers.

Analysis Network Traffic

This technique is generally used to check traffic on the network and sniff by using appropriate tools.

Detecting system

This technique is used to attempt or detect system vulnerabilities; the main tools are Honeypots or firewalls.

How to get an ethical hacking certificate?

If you are serious about becoming an ethical hacker, there are many institutes that give classes for ethical hacking and after completing the course you will get certified. If you want to learn online you can also choose that platform like Udemy, Coursera, Upgrade, or Youtube, etc. Once you are certified then your career is mind-blowing.

Expecting Ethical hacker salary

Pro hacker level, the starting ethical hacker salary is $10,000 per month.