Cool Google tricks that everyone should know.

January 13, 2022 By Sahil Dhyani 0
Cool Google tricks

We use Google at least once in our daily life. Now, Google is an integral part of our life. How will it be, if I tell you that you can do a lot of fun things as well as more useful things on Google while browsing by these Google hacks? You can also call it Google tricks. Google creates many fun things for its users. 

You know Google creates hidden tricks by which you search more in less than a time. Many users do not know about these Google hacks or Google tricks. If you also don’t know about that then be with us. Our team already found all Google tricks or hacks created by Google. You can use this for gaining more information or for fun purposes also.

Google tricks for fun purpose

Few fun tricks Google already removed but don’t worry you can access it on “elgoog”. This is created by Google developers and it is a mirror of Google.


google Thanos
google Thanos disappear

If you are a marvel fan then you like this Google trick. Go and search on Google “Thanos” and when a web page opens see Thanos hand gloves appear. If you click on that your few web page listings disappear. Maybe Google removed some but you can access this. Go and check it out.

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google underwater
google underwater wave

This is an awesome hidden Google trick. This looks like a simple web page, fishes are moving underwater on the downside. But the fun fact is when you hold the mouse and move the cursor then the water wave is moving where you move your cursor.

T-Rex Game

If you searched on Google about how to hack a chrome T-Rex game because you lose early on this game don’t worry, here is a hacker version of the T-Rex game. We can add this hacked game in our Google tricks or Google hacks listing. If you want a simple 10-year birthday celebration edition of the Google T-Rex game then you can also play this.


You can use this Google tricks on your device. Zegrush will attack your web page and destroy all search results and fully clean your webpage.


Breakout is another game developed by Google developers. If you want to play a web game then you can try this to feel good. It’s an awesome game nobody can’t know about.


You can try this Google Zipper if you want. It’s not interesting but if you want to check it then go for it. When you swipe down the zip Google distributes it in 2 parts. Nobody knows this Google trick.


When you use this feature the snow hail comes. Snowfall is getting started and in a few seconds, your screen is showing fully white. Try this Snow-fall Google trick.

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The Wizard of OZ

When you touch the pink sandals then you see the power of the wizard OZ. Your web page changes into black & white mode. Try this Google trick on your own by searching The Wizard of OZ.

Google snake

If you are a snake game lover then you love this Google trick. Google has created a small snake called Google snake web game by which anyone can play if they want.

Google 1998

If you want to know how Google looks when it’s first launched then you can see it by Google 1998 tricks. It will take you to the 1998 Google webpage.

Do a barrel roll

When you type this on Google, the Google webpage screen is starting to rotate 2 to 3 times. Simply type on Google “Do a barrel roll” Check your own with this Google trick.


There are a lot of fun games or Google tricks created by Google. Sorry but to save time we can’t add all the fun games. But if you want to know more you can go to elgoog’s official site. You can access all the games by visiting the official site.

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Google tricks for education purpose


If you want to get data from a single website then write a site: in front of your website link and search it.

(“”) Symbol

By Using an inverted comma you get all the exact phrases like if I search “techworldme” see what I got after searching this.

(-) Symbol

By using dash you get specific terms of your keywords to see below in my case.

(~) Symbol

By using this symbol you get all related words.