Classified Advertising – Importance and Benefits

An advertisement is a marketing tool that creates awareness about the products and services that a seller wanted to sell or introduce in the market. Classified Advertising is best for small businesses and a cheap way of promoting business products and services. If you can’t afford some expensive way of advertisement then go for classified advertising.  It is an excellent method to make people aware of your company and business, especially when you have a small budget. Nowadays there are lots of ways and options for distributing advertisements online.

What is a classified advertising

Classified advertising is a small message which shows in magazines, newspapers, and in articles. It is a relatively cheap mode of advertising. It is shown under the heading or title of group messages. Every newspaper has particular place. Nowadays classified advertising is promoted through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more platforms. Classified advertising can be done from smartphones and tablets.

Types of Classified Advertising

Continuous classified Advertising

It is a normal text advertisement and is charged as per the text, paragraph, or word. It has no graphics, image, and wide column, published by editors, publisher, and print media.

Display Classified Advertising

It includes images, logo and graphics. Its cost is usually more than continuous classified advertising. The cost of advertisement depends on number of words and or per square centimeter. Its boarder is surrounded by text.


It is a type of classified advertising written in the column of “situation vacant, “situation required”. It is done to attract the recruitment process, job applicant, small businesses.


It is a classified advertising which is used for private or personal use or small businesses. It is used under a column of Sale and Purchase house, bungalow. Used by property owner, landlords, property dealers.


It is another common kind of classified advertising which allow the advertiser to add images in words. It is used to show under condolence messages, funeral invitations, remembrances.


In matrimonial advertisement column the advertisement is about finding groom or bridegroom. When someone wanted groom then they can post under the column of required groom or bridegroom. It is usually written in small paragraph with full details.


Many education advertisement can be found under the classified advertising. It is mostly used by small tuition centers, coaching institutes. It is a small budget advertisement.


It is used for personal messages such as birthday wishes, personal achievements, greetings and similar many more messages. It is used by person for personal capacity.

Importance of advertising

Visual attraction

By posting the ads, your potential clients have more attraction to these ads because;

  • It’s easier to read;
  • Save time
  • Pictures and logos in ads attract more client visually

Save time and money

The ads are more cost-effective than the full-fledge, company campaign. The ad is posted on classified online platforms to generate more traffic and attract more potential clients. It can promote your business with minimal effort. The classified ads are with shoppable images that attract more clients. You can inspire customers with rich lifestyle images, features your product in different ways. You can select to make any of the items in the image shoppable, allow clients to click on the featured product to see the necessary information, such as name, price, customers ratings, product, your services, your address, and prime availability.

More popularity

Your classified ad generates traffic from both locally and internationally. It makes your ad more popular and appears on most search engines.

Changeable/editable ads

The ads you post, it will be changeable, editable, and updateable. Update your ad content, so that it will look like the unique content to your clients.

Promote your business

It can promote your business/brand and boost up your sales. Post unique content and attract more clients. Make sure that the content you post must be your own.

Merits of Classified Advertisement

One of the first and most advantages of classified advertisement is low cost. It is very low and very useful for small and startup businesses. It is very effective as it reduces the cost and does not burden on one’s pocket.

Second advantages of classified advertisement is that it has wide reach as it is published in newspaper, magazines. It helps to reach more people. Also used in social media which has wide of customers or audiences. classified ads placed on online websites will be seen by every website visitor.

Classified advertising is short and simple, it is easy to create and needs no need for special attention.

Online classified advertisement allows interested consumers to directly contact the advertisers.

Demerits of Classified Advertisement

Like other form of advertisement, classified advertisement has its disadvantages. Some advantages are given below.

The magazines and newspaper is not read by everyone so it get neglected.

If you are positing a advertisement then might be possible that your competitors may post advertisement next to yours.

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