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In this post, I have compiled a list of business ideas in village that anyone can start with low investment in rural areas. It’s easy to do and a great way for women to start and allow them to grow their business over time without leaving home. The number of profitable best business ideas in India is being counted and we are discussing what we will stick to until 2021. If you have a profitable business idea, you can start a successful business on a small scale that will give you a good return. If you work in an organization and want to start a business without quitting your job, this is considered one of the best business ideas in the village.

The best business ideas in village for new age entrepreneur are:-

1.Fertilizer and seed storage

In rural areas, seed and fertilizer are commonly used and they need a lot of these things. And they buy these things from their nearest shop. In most villages, there are not any single shops of fertilizer and seed storage nearby. So the villagers go far from their village to buy them.

If your village doesn’t have any these type of shop. Then you have a great opportunity to start a business fertilizer and seed store.

You can start your business with low investment and get high paid.

Selling your yield in cities. 

If you are a farmer and you sell your yield in the village and still not get a high paid then you can sell these yield in your nearby urban areas and these yields are like an onion, wheat, rice, etc. even you can sell your milk product like milk, butter, curd, etc in your nearby cities because they want more need of these things.

Organic farming 

Today’s fruits and vegetables are grown by using chemicals in their industries and obviously, they also get to inject their product to gain their size before their actual time. This is the reason why people demand organic food. If you are a farmer in a rural area then it is the best business ideas in village, you can grow fruit and vegetables without the use of any chemicals. You can sell these chemical-free fruits and vegetables in the nearest city around your village.

You can start this business from a small land that automatically grows and you can also generate greater revenue.

Cold storage business

This is also the best business ideas in village. Normally in urban areas, there is a shortage of cold storage, and therefore lots of fruit and vegetables easily get spoiled. Farmers face lots of issues, so that may also be a great business ideas in village. In starting you have to do great investment after you will get the high return also.

Poultry farm

To begin this business you should not have a large land, it can be started from small land. Poultry farm business can be done in two ways

  1. To produce eggs
  2. To sell the chicken

If you want to open this business, you have little knowledge about poultry. Because to your knowledge there are different types of chicken for eggs and chicken for sale.  You Should give high nutrient food and clean water to your chicken. This business does not have high investment but the output from the business is much higher.


Livestock farming means you have to do business with pet animals. In this business, you have to buy an animal or pet at a low rate, care for that pet for a particular time period and sell that at a high cost. This business can be run from a small city and in urban areas also. To start this business you have to do some investment after you can generate great revenue.

Dairy center

Most people in villages are engaged with their pets and farming. Every farmer in a village has one pet which is a source of milk. And therefore selling milk is the best business in the village to get a more profit. In dairy farms, milk is always in demand and they collected the milk from their nearest villages. You can sell the milk to a dairy farm.

 It does not have a great investment. You can start this business from a small place for storing the milk. For storing the machine which is used for measuring the milk and telling you about the nutrient in milk. You have to clean your dairy farm or the place where you store the milk to avoid the milk from spoiling. 

Last words

These all are the business ideas in village where you can start any one of them in your village with small investment business. This is a pandemic time where people want more resources to live, and maybe you are the one who gave the resources to your villagers. But there must be proper planning to succeed in your business. Make sure that your business should bring profit and joy to you to do your business.

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