Top 5 Best Character in Free Fire in 2022

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best character in free fire

In this tutorial. We will talk about the best character in the free fire. Free fire is the most lovable online third-person battle game. This game is mostly loved by youths because of its game size, characters, speed, war weapons, skins, collections, and stores and developers are working very hard to make this game friendly and attractive for the users.

For your kind of information, free fire has also a competitor everybody knows their name. Yes, guys, its name is PUBG but in this content, we talk about the online war game free fire, and in this content, we will cover the topic of the best character in free fire 2022. If you are new in the gaming field or you never heard about the free fire. So we will tell you about the free fire.

Let’s clear all doubts about “what is free fire?” 

Free fire also has its second name ‘Garena free fire’. This game was developed by 111dots studios and published by Garena for both Android and iOS users.  In May 2020 free fire made the record of 80’ million daily active users and got the award of “best popular vote game” in 2019.

Free fire is an online third-person battle game. In these 50 players, characters will be land on the island with the help of a parachute, and on there, they will search for weapons, bags, health kits, bombs, cars, or other survival equipment to kill the other player or the player is free to move here and there but he/she has to save himself/herself from the blue zone and others players.

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The size of the map will keep decreasing with the help of the blue zone at a particular time and by performing these types of activities the last players out of 50 players get the” winning title “booyah” or rewards. This game can be played with your friend in the form of a team but for this, your friend also wants id on the free fire. So we will discuss the top 5 best characters in the free fire.

The Top 5  best character in Free fire are:-

Before starting the list of the best character in free fire. Firstly we will clarify the meaning of “character”. The character is the model you have selected to represent yourself as unique in the game. Each character has its own different look, clothes, and style. You can open a new character by collecting rewards or you can purchase from the play store. So you can select the best character in the free-fire according to your need.

1. DJ Alok (Drop the beat)


DJ Alok

Dj Alok is the best character in free fire 2022 and also the most famous character among players. Due to the fast ability of “Drop the beat”. It has the ability to create a zone within 5 meters. This increases the ability of fast movement by 15% and if you upgrade the character in the 1 level you will find a 40% increase in the damage and the cooldown timing will decrease 150s. On each upgrade level, you will find an increase in the percentage of fast movement and a decrease in the cooldown timing or it has the best healing power abilities in the free fire and best character for rush gameplay. 

You can buy this DJ Alok character in the 599 diamond in the game shop.

2. K- Master of all

k- Master of all

k is the best character in free fire after DJ Alok. second of character k is captain booyah jiu-jitsu professor or has a special feature of max EP by 50 with his ability. K has a most antique name is ‘Master of all’.

It has two modes.

  • Jiu-jitsu mode: boost the EP conversion rate of allies within 6m by 500%
  • Psychology mode: Recovers two EP every two seconds up to 150 EP.

Its cool-down timing is the only drawback in the witching mode.

You can buy this character in 599 diamonds in the game shop.

3. Chrono 


Chrono is the best character in free fire 2022. This character is also known as a time traveler. It is also known as a bounty hunter from the other universe and also the character of a football player CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo). This character saves 600 damage from the opponent and shoots the enemies from inside the force field at the same time and speed also increases by 30% and 15% within the field.

You can buy this character in 599 diamonds in the game shop.

4. Skyler


Skyler is the new best character in free fire. This character was released because of the collaboration of vitamines music artist Son Tung M-TP. It has the acting ability and can destroy gloo walls with a certain radius and get health power when they deploy gloo walls and the ability of cooldown within the sixty seconds. This character gets famous within a short period of time.

You can buy this character in 500 diamonds in the game shop.

5. Xayne


Xayne is the skill-active best character in free fire 2022. Her second name is the Xtreme Encounter because of her abilities. She has the ability to increase the damage of gloo walls in 10 seconds. Her skill and abilities can help the aggressive fighter and have extra health power in the final fight play and she needs fewer medkits.

You can buy this character in the 599 diamonds from the game shop.

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