5 Best Blockchain Phones for Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Over the few years, blockchain technology has spread its legs in almost every industry due to its advanced hackproof and immutable feature to store data securely and transparently. From highly sophisticated hardware devices and power machines, blockchain technology has made its way to the fingertips of the masses through smartphones, making it accessible to a wide chunk of the population. 

In recent years blockchain technology gained momentum with the massive popularity of cryptocurrency, compelling mobile developers to make the technology accessible on small and affordable devices such as smartphones to spread its reach to common people.

In this article, we will go through what is a blockchain smartphone and which is the best blockchain phone in 2022.

What is a Blockchain Phone?

A blockchain phone is a digital device powered to run blockchain-based scalable decentralized applications (dApps) along with all the features of a typical smartphone. A blockchain phone supports the functioning of blockchain-based financial technology Defi (decentralized finance) platforms like cryptocurrency and crypto wallet. A smartphone integrated with blockchain technology allows the users to host a blockchain node, mine cryptocurrencies, and store their crypto assets securely on the tamper-proof digital ledger.

5 Best Blockchain Phones in 2022

Here is the list of the 5 best blockchain phones in 2022 for cryptocurrency lovers that ensure safe and secure storage, transfer, and transaction of cryptocurrencies. 

Samsung Note 10 Klaytn Phone

KlaytnPhone, a version of Samsung’s flagship smartphone series the Galaxy Note 10 is among the best blockchain phones in 2022. The device comes with a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet and various tools that support blockchain-powered services. Samsung Electronics collaborated with Klaytn, a South Korea-based open-source public blockchain, and Kakao, a South Korean largest mobile services platform, to launch the blockchain variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 device in 2019.  On the purchase of Klaytn which is only available in South Korea, you will receive a free amount of Klay tokens.

HTC Exodus 1

Taiwanese mobile manufacturing giant HTC collaborated with Binance crypto exchange to launch their most well-known blockchain phone HTC Exodus 1. The phone comes with the brand’s own cryptocurrency wallet “Zion; which functions as a hardware cryptocurrency wallet. It comes with a separate chip, developed with technology made by SoftBank’s Arm Holdings for storing private keys to secure your cryptocurrency assets. One of the best phones for crypto, it is featured with a “Social Key Recovery” function that helps the users to regain access to their wallet in case they lose their private key. The device can be bought only with cryptocurrency. 

Sirin Labs FINNEY

Powered with a separate integrated hardware cold storage wallet, Sirin Labs FINNEY is a high-end blockchain phone. The dedicated cold storage facilities secure buying, selling, and storage of crypto assets. Launched in 2018 by Israeli-based Sirin Labs the device comes with a separate “Safe Screen which is shown when the hardware wallet slides upward to make a transaction. One of the best blockchain phones in 2022 has an in-built token conversion mechanism for exchanging and converting tokens and coins. You need to shell out $999 to buy it.

Pundi X’s “Blok on Blok” (BOB)

Launched in November 2019, “Blok on Blok” (BOB) developed by Pundi X, as the manufacturer claims on its website, is the world’s first fully blockchain-powered smartphone. What makes it unique among all its rivals, is that it runs on two different operating systems simultaneously. Users can switch between the blockchain mode and the Android mode without any affecting experience. 

Powered with Android 9.0 the mid-ranged blockchain phone comes at a price of $599. The integrated XWallet mobile app allows users to connect their regular crypto wallets with the Pundi X payment ecosystem. Integrated with the Function X f(x) blockchain, the decentralized operating system provides full access to users to texts, calls, Internet browsing, and sharing of files and ensures data privacy.

Electroneum M1

Electroneum M1 is the most affordable blockchain phone with advanced crypto mining features. The phone comes pre-loaded with Electroneum’s app that allows the users to avail of ETN’s cloud crypto mining service and earn up to $3 per month. Price at $80, it is the best phone for crypto users looking for low-end blockchain phones with low hardware specifications. Available for Android smartphones and iPhones, the device is equipped with a Quad Core 1.3Ghz processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB Internal Storage, and a 4.5” Touchscreen. 

Upcoming Blockchain Phones

Following are the top-rated blockchain phones you can buy in the future:

  • Solana’s SAGA
  • HTC Desire 22 PRO
  • Nothing Phone


Blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution can’t reach its zenith without making it accessible to the masses who use smartphones to do everything these days. Mobile developers and researchers are working on making phones that take the adoption of technology to the next level. While you can choose the best blockchain phone in 2022 from the above list, be ready for the next generation of blockchain phones equipped with more power and features.

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