Is APKPure Safe? Can I Use It?

We tell everyone that whenever we want to download an app, then download it from the official site itself. This keeps your privacy secure. But many times when we want to download an app or game and we search it on to playstore then we see many search results, some of them are free and some are paid.

We get more features in paid apps so we think about downloading them but we have to pay to install those apps. That’s why we choose third party websites or apps to download those apps or games and use them whenever we want. One of those third-party websites is APKPure. This is a very famous site for downloading apps for free. And today we will talk about this website it is safe for you or not? Let’s start with our topic.

What is APKPure?

APKpure is an open-source third-party website that provides free apps to all users whether it is available in playstore or not. You can access APKPure through your browser. You can also download XAPK files using APKPure. Here you will get all the apps even if they are paid. There also release an app version of APKPure, any users who do not trust to download the app from the website can use their app. Many people have considered Apk Pure as a safe and secure third-party website, this website receives millions of traffic who trust in ApkPure. Earlier, ApkMirror was very popular for downloading apps and now APKpure.

Merits Of APKPure

Fast Latest Apps Update

APKPure allows the update to be rolled out before the Google Play Store, which means that you can download the update in advance of any apps or games.

Without Geo-Restrictions

This special thing about APKPure attracts all the users that there are no Geo-Restrictions in it, meaning you are from any country, you can download and enjoy any app through APKPure Isn’t it amazing?

Available Older Versions

You can download the latest version as well as the old version of any app from APKPure. APKPure also provides you with the old version of all the apps because many people would like the old version of any app more and after the new version comes and they install to check new features and they don’t like it, then they want to remove it and install the old version again.

Demerits Of APKPure

Restricted Apps Available

APKPure provides you with all apps even if it is restricted or not available on Google Play Store. The app which is not available in Google Play Store means that it is not safe for the users or it may also be prone to hacking the device.

Apps Version

Along with the useful feature of app versions, there is also demerits of this. Developers release an app’s update when they have either fixed a bug in it or have removed the threat. A new update is released by making some improvements in an app, fast or secure the app and fix the bug in the next update.

Age Restriction

On APKPure, you can’t see any type of age restrictions means you can’t download the apps because your age is below or such type of restrictions. APKPure allows every user to download any app with a proper minor. Anyone can download the app and use it as much as they can.

Is APKPure is safe or not?

We do not recommend anyone to download apps from third-party sites because there is a lot of danger in downloading apps from third-party sites, your phone may get Trojans, bugs or any kind of virus, which can hack your phone. Maybe at risk of Not only APKPure, but we also forbid downloading apps from all third-party websites because they do not provide you full security.

Google Play Store thoroughly scans developers’ apps before uploading them to see if there is any threat or malware in it and leaks their data by harming the users’ devices. This app is published only after scanning properly so that Google is responsible for the app or game downloaded through playstore and they also keep checking the time from it.

If it is so important for you to download an app from a third party, then our advice would be to delete it from your device immediately after using the app.

Final Words

I hope you liked this content and learned something new but still, the question is coming to your mind that tells us if APKPure is safe or not. So the answer is no because APKPure does not provide you full security, it does not even check whether the app has bugs or trojans. But on the other hand, Google Play Store keeps the user’s good experience and their privacy above considering all the things. So we would say that download the apps from Google Playstore instead of any third-party sites. Yes, I agree that you will not be able to get many features but there is nothing above privacy.

Arun Kumar: