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Android game for kids

In Today’s world games for kids play an important role in kids’ life because they increase his/her social and economical moral values and also improve their creativity or thinking ideas. and high-income families face the problem of giving their time to kids so on time games play an important role to remove their stress or loneliness. That’s why there are many android games in the market for entertainment for kids. Every game in this list is safe and your child will learn some skills to play this game, so parents should not worry about their child, handover their phone to the child and let them play. Here are the best android games for kids. 


These are the top ten android games for kids which kids can play or learn important things some are android, mac, or window all category games for which they can play and stay happy   

1:  MINECRAFT- (available on iOS and Android )

 Minecraft is the most common or lovely android game for kids because kids love its blocky world to build his/her imagined world. This game makes them happy to make their dreamland. Which seems to make kids feel like a dream comes true. To play this game your child can develop skills, and learn many things. And you should also know that many schools are engaging their students to play this game to explore their child.

By playing this game your child can get many skills. Like:-

  • Student can get the skills of problem solving skills
  • This game improves and gets the interest in software skills.
  • It increases their creativity and will help to develop their design skills and increase their imagination to build anything.

To play this game in multiplayer mode, children can learn teamwork to encourage the other.   

2: STARDEW VALLEY- (available on iOS, PlayStation, and Android)

This game-related to farming to increase children’s excitement towards farming.In this their grandfather character who is farming to your order like harvesting crops,rearing animals,building farms or expanding or doing other activities like cooking,fishing,or tools work. If the children will play this game in multiplayer mode then they can build their social relationship to play the same game together. If you give time to this game and achieve a level then your character becomes more resistant to complete that task with more energy bar.

3: ENDLESS ALPHABET- (available on iOS and Android )

This game is related to the alphabet system to learn them quickly in this There are special sound effects or presentations which attract or learn them fast. This is designed for children to decrease their stress level or pressure to learn the alphabet. This app also adds vocabulary to improve their tongue also. It is an educational app to learn the alphabets and phonetic sound for the young children to increase their reading capabilities and vocabulary. This app has no time limit and scores.  

4: ANIMALS JAM CLASSIC- (available on iOS and Windows)

This is a massively multiplayer game that is developed for children of age 6 to 12 years.These games for kids discover many facts about zoology which are helpful for children to learn. In this children give names to animals which helps them to build love towards them in society. This game has numerous features like minigames, puzzle adventure, parties and social adventure and knows more facts about the zoology which kids love the most.

5: FRUIT NINJA- (available on Android and iOS)

Fruit ninja is an action and active game, where you have to be active for your sudden action.This game is the most lovely game for kids. In this, there are many types of fruits or some different game challenges, things like a bomb or different fruit which cause the game to restart. where they take an idea to introduce their game in 3d visuality. By clicking on the fruit which comes on the screen to slash them into two pieces by sword using your finger.This game is downloaded by more than 1 billion people. If you click on the bomb the game will start from the beginning. Fruit ninja is a funniest game for kids. These kids loved the challenge game. And they spend lots of time on this game. 

6: COOKING CITY-(available on Android and iOS)

It has more than 300 levels in this which increase the craziness to solve all levels. In this, the whole city is known for food. You have to make different types of dishes for hungry customers. There are different types of country food menu like Chinese food, Italian food, etc. making cakes, pizza, or other food items. So most creative kids love to play these games in their daily life to feel happy.

7: THE ENDLESS READER-(available on Android and iOS)

This is for a kid to improve; they’re knowing the letter introduces words for children to learn. This introduces children to the library, books, school, etc. so it helps kids get familiar with the school facility so they don’t face problems in school. This app will help your child to accelerate their reading abilities and thinking abilities, even if they will think and use their memory in a short time period. It helps to develop all the mindsets which the kids want in school.This app will teach all the things to your child in a cartoon way so that, your child can learn all the things in a funniest way.  

8: ANGRY BIRDS- (available on iOS and Android)

It is an interesting game for kids in which there are boxes and pigs and on the other side. You have to launch the birds by finger on boxes or pigs. It has different levels and after every level, the levels become more challenging which attracts or is liked by children. This game makes your child smarter and a better worker.

This is one of the most famous games for kids. This is made from the animation movie in which there are birds that can’t fly. By playing this game your child will learn the practical skills of physics and also improve the problem solving skills.

9: BUBBLE SHOOTER- (available on iOS and Android)

This is a game for kids as well as for teens also with colored marbles. This game is more interesting because of the marbles. You have to decrease the marbles by collecting the same three or more types of marbles in one form. By this, you have to finish all the colored marbles. In the center, there are some bombs or other things which are the major challenges. By shooting marbles you will score more points without remaining balls. From research, we know the fact that after playing this game. You can reduce your anxiety, break bad habits, and clear your mind. So that’s why kids like this game.

10: TOCA LIFE: VACATION-(available on iOS and Android)

This game is like a family trip in which there is one character who will visit on other trips or family will travel to many spots like beach, hospital, school or other places. And solve the problems which it was facing on the trip. Your child also gets more exposure to play this game, knew more things. And because of that the children like play thought adventure games for kids  or learning new things in daily life

Why Android games for kids are important.

These are the games for kids which help children to improve socially, mentally and help to build their future bright or good thinking and good mindset towards family. These games help kids to remove stress or pressure and loneliness etc. 

Nowadays there are mobile phones, tablets, and iPhones are the second friend of kids’ life. So parents have to make careful decisions for their betterment.