10 Points To Keep In Mind When Updating A Website

August 13, 2020 By TechWorldMe 0
Updating a website

A business website is often their first introduction to their customers and clients. So it is very important to maintain an engaging and informative website. However, if you updating a website is a crucial part of On-page Seo and it requires an overhaul, here are a few tips you should remember when you are updating a website:

1. Design of the Website:

When updating a website, its design is the first thing you need to upgrade. Design goes beyond just colors and layout; it should be able to have some unique elements to differentiate itself from the sea of websites on the internet. The website needs to be easy to use, and be relevant to your work. GIFs, dynamic content, mobile phone friendliness of the website, and video content are some design trends to make use of while designing a website

2. User Experience:

Just having a colorful design is not enough to make users stay on your website, keep updating a website so that you can offer them a comfortable and workable experience too.

If the website lacks a good User Experience, it will not be able to retain users for very long, as users will move to a different website to get what they want.

Having a clean layout with simple directions and a clear homepage that users can navigate can be very beneficial for websites.  When a user opens your website, they must not be intimidated by too much information or buttons. Instead, create a single page that they can use to access each action.

3. SEO:

SEO is the method of getting organic, unpaid traffic to your website through search engine results. Updating a website is also an SEO technique to improve your ranking high and can go a long way. If your website appears first in a search, the chances of visitors clicking on it first, increase. Having a good SEO means that you can place ads on the website, and is less expensive than social media marketing, email lead purchasing, and pay-per-click advertising.

4. Quality Content during updating a website:

The content of your website should be able to give your visitors answers immediately. So make your website’s content better when you updating a website. To have an element of uniqueness, your website must feature content that is engaging and professional. This helps you to become visible in search engines as well, which creates authority for your business. Your content tells your audience who you are and what you can do for them, so good website content is vital to build a good reputation and make customers select you for their needs.

5. Multimedia Elements:

You have to update a website in such a way so that the visitor can stay on your website for a long time period. As a result, they’ll be more engaged by your content. Adding visual elements like pictures, videos, animations, and sounds during updating a website and can be helpful if your website is lacking it, and can make your website a lot more interesting.

If you cannot manage all of this on your own, the good news is that there are many agencies, so you can hire the service of any affordable web development company to add these features for you. Having dynamic content on your website will also give it a more professional look.

6. Page Loading Speed:

Research has shown that if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, the users may end up leaving the website, and subsequently, not return to the website either. So remember this thing that the pages don’t take too much time to load and it needs to be converted into faster pages to retain users.

7. SSL:

The Secure Sockets Layer technology creates an encrypted link to protect the information being passed between a browser and a server. Having an SSL certificate on the website will keep visitors safe and secure. And increases trust if sensitive information needs to be entered onto your website to make a purchase. When updating a website, it can be useful to obtain an SSL certificate and attach it to the site domain.

8. Website Analytics during updating a website:

Website analytics can track a website and allow it to communicate with the owner if any problems arise. Using website analytics can also let webmasters see how effective their marketing techniques. And if visitors to the website are coming because of SEO techniques.

Updating a website is also a process after finding the issue in your website. And other valuable visitor behavior information, so including it in your website redesign can be beneficial.

9. No-Follow Sections:

No-follow links can help prevent hackers from stealing your website’s traffic. The web designer can assign no-follow links to affiliate links that cannot be controlled to prevent spam and avert spammers from redirecting your website’s traffic to spam sites.

Putting spam links in less controlled sections, like the comment section. When updating a website the web designers can designate these sections as No-follow, so that Google bots know not to follow such links.

10. Perform A/B Testing After Updating A Website:

After you are done updating your website, it is a good idea to perform A/B tests on it. You do this by making two different versions of your site and running tests on both to gather stats on traffic and user engagement. This will help you to see how effective the changes you made are, and where alterations are needed.