How not to appear online on Whatsapp

How not to appear online on Whatsapp

How not to appear online on Whatsapp

One of the biggest problems in the digital world today and the growing lack of respect for privacy. Geolocation, recording of connection times and conversations, etc.

In the case of the Whatsapp application, it is possible to make certain choices to preserve it, such as for example choosing not to show the last connection time and the fact that we have read the messages that we are sent, and it is now possible to prevent your contacts from seeing if you are online or not. If you want to know how to hide your “online” status while logged in on Whatsapp, continue reading this article to learn all the steps that will prevent you from appearing online on Whastapp.

Steps to follow:

1. It is possible to be connected to Whatsapp without your contacts being able to see that you are online on Android devices as well as on iOS. In either case, you will need to enter the Whatsapp app to begin the process.
In the case of iOS, at the bottom of your list of contacts with whom you have had conversations is a menu with the options Favorites, Calls, Contacts, Conversations, and Settings.

You’ll need to go into Settings, which has a nut icon. In the case of Android devices, the parameters are found in the menu at the top right, symbolized by 3 vertical dots.

2. To eliminate your “online” status, a status that not everyone necessarily wants to reveal, you will have to, once in “Settings”, choose the ” My Account ” option, symbolized by a key icon. In “My Account“, you will have access to the configuration options of your privacy which will allow you to hide your “online” status.

Once you have entered the menu, you will have to select the first option that appears, that of Privacy.

3. You will find in this menu a whole series of options that will allow you to configure the application according to your preferences, such as activating or deactivating read receipts for messages, an option allowing you to hide from your contacts the fact that they have read or not. messages sent to you (but which will also prevent you from knowing when your contacts have actually read your messages), as well as other options.

The next step in preventing your contacts from seeing if you have been online to select the third option, the one called “status”

Once in “status” you will have the option to choose who will be able to see your connection status. You can choose between 3 options:

  • Everybody
  • My contacts
  • No one

So that nobody can see your connection status, you will obviously have to choose “nobody”

You can do the same with the “seen at” and “profile picture” options. If you select “no one” for both of these options, no one will be able to see your last logged in time or profile picture.

You can also restrict them to just your contacts. These options are always reciprocal, that is to say that you will not be able to see in your contacts what you prevent them from seeing in you.

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